Thursday, May 5, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 30: It's Sara Lugo!

Earlier this week we received two packages from the disgustingly newly in love Bredz who . . . Yeah, it's nauseating. It really is. But big him up still. One of them contained something which was complete rubbish. I mean it was AWFUL (I did like one song, however) and two other nice things (biggup Demario) and the other only had a single item, but it's one which IMMEDIATELY cleared its own space on my players. It's the debut album from Achis Reggae favourite, Sara Lugo, "What About Love". And look! She even signed it!

If you can't read it (time for new glasses), it says:

big up yourself . . .
and enjoy the music!

One love

I have a signed album from Sara Lugo! WHAT! She distinctly pointed out, it in a great detail, that she wanted me to "enjoy" the music and certainly I have. How much have I enjoyed it???

I'll tell you tomorrow.

{Note: Don't tell me how bad these pictures are. I don't care, I took them with my Wife's video . . . thing}
{Note 2: Please don't tell my Wife because I forgot to put it back}
{Note 3: Thank You}

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