Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Tunes #56

Yeah! Yow, I guess this would be an impromptu (I love that word) edition of 'Big Tunes', because I didn't even know we were going to be going on it this week until a couple of days ago and because of that it's all vets this week, but tunes are everything you would expect. That's it, I'm finished, let's go.

First up this week is everyone's favourite - Remmy - exercising more good taste and unspoken intelligence with 'Expensive Shit' from the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I'm pretty sure I know why he's bringing this tune this week, but I'll keep that and instead biggup Remmy and DEFINITELY Fela Kuti.

Next we have a tune coming from a pissed off Leclaire (who, by the way, is turning out to be VERY useful and full of helpful information) who . . . Apparently is just tired of it all because we had a pretty long discussion about certain things and this is what he's feeling. What am I talking about, you'll figure it out when you hear 'Nou Pa Ka Bleach' from big man Admiral T. As a matter of fact, you probably won't even need to hear the tune to figure it out - the title should suffice.

And lastly we have a tune which I absolutely loved from the first time we heard it and apparently, I wasn't the only one because Bredz (who pretty much took care of posting this by the time you read it) is also vibing strong this week on 'One Away' from Liquid which comes across the big City Streetz Riddim from Dynasty Records & Twelve 9 Records (and is currently available on digital shelves now).

As for yours truly - So much Soca coming out this time of year and I'm actually NOT enjoying much of it. Not too much is sticking (although I am liking Tizzy so far in 2k11), one of the very few exceptions, however, comes from someone who brokeout big in 2010, Ambi from out of St. Lucia. Here, I would assume is the followup to his BIG tune 'Push Dem', it's the utterly ridiculous and just as infectious 'Matay You' which has been THUMPING in my brain for the past week or two.

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