Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check It Vol. 29 Pt. 1

REALLY slowwwwwwwwwww these days. But here is part one of a bit of catching up we had to do. Part 2 coming . . . Sometime soon . . . I guess.

'Histoire De Coups' by Ludy (single) [Don's Music]

Okay so, first up this week is someone who, I guess, has just LOCKED UP Album Cover of The Year (unless I'm REALLY overlooking something) (and I mean REALLY!) - Ludy - with the front for her latest single, the GORGEOUS 'Histoire De Coups'. You may (should) remember Ms. [Ludivine] Retory for her big and breakout drop from last year, 'Amazing' and it's only taken her a damn year to follow it up with something significant, but she has. I'm not quite ready to call this new tune better than its predecessor, but it's close! Hopefully we won't reach the end of this year without Don's Music giving us the full Ludy experience on an album . . . But . . . I mean I'd be willing to settle for just another photo shoot or two. Ludy you are an attractive human being [DAMN]!


"Jah Is The Way" by Prince Koloni [Transportation Label]

'Nature' w/Tarrus Riley

Currently you can find me dealing with the latest big album from Guyane/Suriname Reggae star, Prince Koloni, the very INVOLVED "Jah Is The Way" (and trying to fugure out if I want to review it or not) and apparently it's been steadily growing - There's a lot of discussion surrounding this one. Earlier this year (or was it last year now), Koloni got a significant attention paid in his direction largely due to 'Nature', a combination with Jamaican star, Tarrus Riley and this is the album behind the tune (album and digital single even share the same cover). The singer went to Jamaica to record the majority of the album, yet it still has a very 'wordly' and 'open' feel to it in many respects. As I said, I'm still working through it, but it's damn interesting and you may want to beat me to finishing it.


"Words of Truth" by Peter Runks [Divine Vessel Music]

'Badness Outta Style'

Concidence? Just last week (or whenever that was), I told you about a big brand new album from impressive Bahamian, Jah Nyne, "Holdin A Vibe". That album featured Nyne on a tune, 'Unity Is Strength', alonside neighbouring artist, Peter Runks . . . and now Runks has his own album! "Words of Truth" is the new album from Runks and it's sure to attract a great deal of attention. The album features Runks through seventeen tracks serving up a nice blend of Reggae and Lover's Rock, with slight Gospel overtones as well. Most interesting to my eye is 'Harden Not Your Heart' which features the wonderfully inescaple (these days) Mikey General.

CD + Digital

"Voice of The People" by Oba Simba [Obadan Produktionz/Zojak Worldwide]

I was pretty sure that this album had already been released and some time ago (for some reason) but (as is generally the case) I was wrong. "Voice of The People" is the first album from veteran Oba Simba who has spent a great deal of time in Europe, voicing for European labels and it's a fact which is definitely reflected on the album (Irie Ites, Special Delivery etc.). This is really the type of project which, even independent of my own personal interest (and I am interested), I'm curious to see the buzz around it. Simba certainly isn't the biggest name, but I've found that he definitely has a solid fanbase and to those people, this should be a pretty big deal. Perhaps you should join them.


"Ras Kwasi Presents Bun Babylon Oppression" [Basis Interactive Inc.]

And finally for actual albums this week is one which looks positively DELICIOUS. Determine, Lutan Fyah, Natural Black and even Utan Green join up with the venerable Ras Kwasi on his "Bun Babylon Oppression" compilation and while I haven't had a full spin of the album just yet, it appears to be pretty strong! I'm almost tempted to call it 'old school' of sorts because you don't see much of the multiple artist on multiple riddim type of compilations very much anymore (and, unfortunately for me, that is my favourite type of comp.) and this one appears to be of very high quality. Still, I should say that likely stealing the proverbial show on the album is the eternally flaming Yami Bolo whose two offerings, 'Blood Diamonds' and 'Bloody Coltan' are very familiar to my ears and are OUTSTANDING! Check it out.

CD + Digital

The Big Dog Riddim [Boardhouse Records]

'JPS' by Agent Sasco

The Big Dog Riddim is the latest creation from Agent Sasco and co. at Boardhouse Records and anytime they do a something, that something is going to be something to pay attention to. The label usually offers real and authentic Dancehall music and this time around is no different. Obviously it's Sasco taking the spotlight with two tunes of his own (including the riddim's headliner, 'JPS') and he also appears on the SCATHING 'Real Dog Heart' alongside Suku from Ward 21. Also joining the Dancehall's best lyricist are Mr. Vegas, Voicemail, Lady Ali (boom!) and others.


The Monte Carlo Riddim [Purple Skunk Records]

Riddim Mix

Not an incredibly long time ago did the Monte Carlo Riddim drop and now it's made its way to a fine digital release. It's BEAUTIFUL, it's of the typical line from super producer Don Corleon, who almost certainly built it - but officially it comes via Purple Skunk (and next time we'll tell you about Don's latest which actually carries his name). Typical DC favourites such as Ce'Cile, Pressure Busspipe, Tarrus Riley, Da Professor and others highlight what is probably one of the better available digital riddim albums over the past few months or so.


The Reminisce Riddim [Hot Edge Productions/Zojak Worldwide]

This COOL little release caught my eyes, initially, based on the placement of one name alone, Jah Hem. The wicked singer also from out of The Bahamas is, unfortunately, one whom we run into not enough at all, so seeing him involved with pretty much anything is likely to get my attention. Also, it turns out that Hem is involved with the production here so certainly he should also take credit for the likes of Lutan Fyah, TOK, Lukie D and Red Rose rounding out the somewhat frantic Reminisce Riddim.


The 12 To 12 Riddim [12 To 12 Records]

Here we have a case of a GREAT riddim birthing primarily average material. The 12 To 12 Riddim is a creation of the fantastic Christopher Birch and, in relation of its quality, I shouldn't have to say more than that for more familiar fans. This thing has a HEAVY drop to it and it just attaches itself to your senses and STAYS there in a pulsingly effective manner. HOWEVER (!) most of the songs on the riddim are decent and less. To my ears, it's Agent Sasco, Dario, Konshens who all do well and then . . .


The Grapevine Riddim [Island Traffic Entertainment/Zojak Worldwide]

'Worries' by Berbice

And finally we have another new piece from Grenada's finest - Island Traffic Entertainment - the Grapevine Riddim. This thing is purely INFECTIOUS and it may be ITE's single best riddim of the 2011 season! It also came with two big names, Berbice and Jamesy P who are joined by a nice cast of 'supporting characters', highlighted by the always welcomed Sharrie Jones and Devon Matthews. Always love to see Soca from Grenada getting a big push and hopefully it continues next year as well. Check it.


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