Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Wanted 2011: The Update

Okay so, late last year we did a list called "Most Wanted" which was a compiling of fifteen different names who I had hoped would be delivering full albums sometime in 2011. With the year now being more than 2/3 complete, I thought that we'd take a look back (and a look ahead) to see just who's been up to what and really how good the year has been according to that (most ridiculous) list of ours. In terms of basic numbers, only three of my choices have actual albums out RIGHT NOW, but there're also two more who seem to be certain locks at this point, Let's have a look.

{Note: Names appear only in the same order they appeared in the original list, which was based on my preference at the time}
{Note 2: On the original list I had no 'behind the scenes information' and that is true on this one as well}

#1. Agent Sasco

While it surely would have been nice to have had a new album out from the current best Dancehall lyricist in the world, Agent Sasco, I can't actually say that I'm surprised that we haven't seen it just yet, but I am expecting it before the end of the year. The fact that we have yet to see his third studio album has only given the DJ more and more time to string together HUGE tunes and that's exactly what he's been doing in 2011, seemingly offering bigger and bigger songs each and every month. Much earlier in the year, Sasco was reportedly having a contest for fans to name his new album (which, technically isn't a good sign as Mr. Lex did the same thing with an album for VP Records which we, thankfully, never got, several years ago) and I don't know how/if that went at all, but I would greatly expect Assassin's album to be forthcoming in the final four and a half months of 2011 - Maybe the final big album of the year.

Original Chances of Happening: 4/5
New Chances of Happening: 4/5

#2. I-Octane

In terms of albums, 2011 would be somewhat of a failure if it didn't deliver on an album from arguably THE most talented name in Reggae without one currently (unless I'm REALLY overlooking someone), the dominant I-Octane. I fully expected that album, whatever it would have been, to be out by now, but we've remained patient and it appears that such waiting will be rewarded before the end of the year. The next generation hybrid chanter is set to deliver "Crying To The Nation" later this year. The album is reportedly produced by longtime Shaggy maestro, Robert Livingston and while I'm not sure of the label just yet, such things appear to be already concluded or will be in a matter of time. Given his recent track record, to suggest that Octane could give 2011 it's finest project altogether isn't completely out of the question.

Original Chances of Happening: 4/5
New Chances of Happening: 4.5/5

#3. Sara Lugo

I don't know if you knew this - I hardly ever talk about such things around these parts, but breakout German Reggae star, Sara Lugo, actually released her debut album, "What About Love" earlier this year and . . . I mean . . . If I were you, I'd pick it up!

#4. Jah Marnyah

The WICKED Montserrat born chanter, Jah Marnyah, is apparently on the road to becoming one of the two biggest disappointments on this list because it seems more and more unlikely that we'll see his debut album this year. I'm was almost certain that an album called "Sweat Of Your Brow" from Faya Wurks Records from Marnyah would have been on shelves by now and the fact that it isn't . . . Yeah I probably do want it more now than ever. Marnyah has a very captivating and RUGGED edge to his vibes and I'm damn interested to see how that spreads through an entire set.

Original Chances of Happening: 4.25/5
New Chances of Happening: 1.25/5

#5. Spice

Spice definitely has the greatest excuse of anyone on the list (should she choose to use it) for not having an album out by now, despite now, reportedly, being two years deep into a contract with VP Records - She had a baby! We can't blame (well you can if you don't mind being just a great big heap of shit!) her for not working things out on that end while she was busy being a Mother. STILL, would it be all that surprising if her debut set for the label arrived in December or so? Not entirely, but arguably the most anticipated debut album currently to be had in the Dancehall (minus Aidonia, of course, but I don't even want to go there) figures more likely to equip a presumably otherwise paltry early 2012.

Original Chances of Happening: 4.5/5
New Chances of Happening: 2/5

#6. Lady Sweety

Yeah. I knew it would it happen this way. "Ma Vérité" is the name of the album. We've now been waiting on it for more than two years and I just don't know what the circumstances would have to be in order for it to arrive any time soon. Most disturbing/interesting was that the tune which was apparently the album's first single, 'Sa Ki Taw Bien Taw' did actually appear on album - For Sistah Majesty's very solid "Ouvrir Les Portes" earlier this year, her own first album in several millions of years. Still, we have seen and heard Lady Sweety on just a few tracks throughout the year and even more as of late. So hopefully she's prepping for a big '12 because it's not happening this year. And, as usual, it should be said that if you haven't listened to Sweety's music - Definitely find some, EASILY she is one of the Dancehall's most talented female artists and may just be its finest lady lyricist EVER outside of Ms. Stephens (and that is one NICE picture).

Original Chances of Happening: 1.9999999/5
New Chances of Happening: 0.25/5

#7. Ziggi Recado

In April, Ziggi Recado did the expected and dropped "Ziggi Recado", his third studio album to date and the results, also as expected, were fantastic. One of the year's best!

#8. Saïk

In the early part of 2011 we didn't hear very much from the intensely talented Saïk, but we knew it would only be a matter of time. With his record label, Don's Music, pretty much running through their entire roster of artists over the past couple of years, his time would come and it would seem as if his time is nearly upon us. Saïk is, reportedly, due to deliver his still untitled (to my knowledge) sophomore album in October, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it come even later than that and it's no problem. What makes me so hopeful is just how popular the album's lead single, 'You & Me' [digital single pictured] has become and chances are we may get another (not including its big remix) before we get the album. In this case, I'm ready for either - Send on!

Original Chances of Happening: 4.5/5
New Chances of Happening: 4.65/5

#9. Bramma

Not much to say here. While it would have been nice, I didn't particularly expect 2011 to be the year for Bramma's debut album. That being said, he has, somewhat quietly, managed to string together a pretty good year for himself and it seems as if much of his early popularity (including in the eyes of yours truly) has returned. There's just so much skill here and so much which is, potentially, untapped, that even if we have to wait until 2014 - It's probably worth it. Few people can do what Bramma can.

Original Chances of Happening: 2/5
New Chances of Happening: 0/5

#10. Bunji Garlin

Bunji Garlin is definitely an interesting name on this list because he has, by far, more albums than any other artiste you'll find here and, like most Soca acts, he's on a 'schedule' of sorts - You may not know WHAT to expect from him (and you don't) (even a haircut), but you do know when to expect it. 2011 would have been great for another big release from 'the Black Spaniard', but it will come eventually and another year passed now means FOUR seasons of tunes to draw from on the next one (which may or may not still be named "I Am").

Original Chances of Happening: 3/5
New Chances of Happening: 0/5

#11. Mr. Williamz

I don't particularly know what's going on in this case. It was now two years ago when I was highest on the ROUGH talents of one of the UK's finest up and comers, Mr. Williamz, but following a 2010 which wasn't necessarily the greatest and a 2011 which hasn't been as great 2009, my intensity in searching out his work has gone down a bit. He did drop an EP for Necessary Mayhem earlier this year and something like that surely helps to add to the attraction to an LP, but I think that, more than likely, it'll be next year when we get it.

Original Chances of Happening: 4/5
New Chances of Happening: 1/5

#12. Batch

While I have head of Batch doing production in 2011, I don't know that I've heard even the smallest rumour about him in the studio for himself at all this year and my inclusion of him on the first list was a matter of just how much I've grown to LOVE his music. That hasn't at all waned this year and it'll very likely still be high when he chooses to bless us with his musical presence on an album again - Hopefully sometime next year.

Original Chances of Happening: 2/5
New Chances of Happening: 0.5/5

#13. Skinny Fabulous

The fantastic three year run of Skinny Fabulous as St. Vincy Soca Monarch ended in 2011, but it's been yet another very successful year for the Soca superstar and in the age of iTunes, it makes it . . . very very strange that he doesn't already have two or three albums available. 2011 won't be the year for that, but it shouldn't take someone very long to realize that high order madness which resides in his catalog and the sure attention it will attract.

Original Chances of Happening: 2.5/5
New Chances of Happening: 0.5/5

#14. Bambú Station

I just don't know what happened here. Bambú Station's new album had a name, "Children of Exodus", it had a big first single 'How Things Ah Go' and I was completely under the impression that it was a finished product and just awaiting . . . whatever it was doing, but it never showed up! Then suddenly there were issues with the recording (I THINK that's what I heard) and other things, but apparently it's already to go now in January of next year but, that's what I thought this year, so who knows. In either case, whenever it gets here, we'll be looking forward to it.

Original Chances of Happening: 4.5/5
New Chances of Happening: 0/5

#15. Ce'Cile

Finally - Common sense said Ce'Cile would be back big in 2011 and continuing her brilliant two year run up to that point and she returned and did so in a stainless fashion with her big month old album, "Jamaicanization" [pictured].

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  1. Ziggi Recado's album was excelent.this year had some very good new stuff,but last year had better albums (and singles/riddims i think).Still an ok year,and a Assasin album can only make it better imo,the game puts out killer singles.

    Everyone would like a Aidonia album,but he seems way more comfortable ,giving us some killer singles ,and killing every riddim he recives so i'm happy with that.He is any every good riddim album anyway with cool songs.

    Bambu Station and Batch are of course two acts taht haven't give anything for sometime,i'm more eager for a new Bambu Station album as a Batch amde muchgood stuff since 2003 and he might be slighty burned out now ,so maybe he needs time to rest.

    Much love from,IMF sufferahs Greece.