Monday, October 3, 2011

Lyrics!: Pressure

When we talk about talent and talented artists, there are quite a few different ways in which we can register that. On one hand would be someone like a Lutan Fyah or Buju Banton who, when at their respective bests, come across as individuals so precise, so well read and so well studied that it almost seems like a plus to the world of Reggae while a complete loss to the Academia world. On the other hand would be someone like Pressure. The Virgin Islands chanter, in a very rough and, at times, unpolished style has become one of the greatest current lyricists around today. Remarkably, it is often his inaccuracy which marks his greatness. Pressure's major lyrical point is that he isn't afraid to subtly fit in everything that is on his mind at the time. He follows absolutely no rules when at the height of his powers and creates these POWERFUL and very varied compositions which have, in turn, also turned him into one of the most popular artists of his era and one who will, potentially, inspire an entire generation of young VI talents still to come. Today, we look at ten lyrical diamonds in the rough from one of Reggae's most naturally gifted lights - Pressure Busspipe.

"My people be free, cause the world is yours and take control of your life, of course
Can't be held down by no evil force
Who The Most High Bless no wizard can curse

False rulers of the earth make war for power and domain
And the cost of living get so high, the poor and needy can't sustain
Let righteousness and exhalt and harmony flow through every heart
With love and blessings flowing through -
Your reward, can't come up short"
-'Be Free'

"Jah Bless I
HIS work impress I
Nevertheless, I reply when HE address I
No nyam no flesh I
Burn (!) ungodliness
Empress cover your breast and gwan go wear yuh tall dress
I no like di rest
I no run contest
I confess, whatever the situation -
I express I
Jah love caress I
Jah interest I"
-'Ever-living King'

"Respect and love wi show from one to another
Say you love di woman and then you must love your Mother
A love wi use fi help di ghetto youth dem up di ladder
Di bag of violence no mek no sense!
Why bother?
Stop judge your bredda through him clothes ragga ragga
Stop bow to vanities and remember Jah Jah
According to your works you'll get your blessings and honour
A just di humbleness and manners

When you got Jah love
Then nothing is greater -
Than The Most High Creator!"
-'Jah Love'

"The body is only temporary, you see
Black History Month is only February, you see
Repatriation is very mandatory, you see
Some only want fi go a Zion when dem dead and bury!
Dem neva, reach Mount Zion Spiritually!
You betta, rehearse and practice love physically!
Or else the pressure pot a boil over literally
You see, Rasta nah indulge in no folly
Naturally me say"
-'I See Rastafari'

"Jah Jah you're the Master!
HE set di speed, so don't go faster
We're like the sheep of HIS pasture
Anything weh oppose will cause a disaster

Lock off dem, illusion and bring reality
Dem no got no heart, discipline nor morality
Only the righteous defend humanity
Woe unto those who teach di children profanity
Light like feather, yet heavy like anchor
Babylon so ungrateful - Nothing, they give thanks fa
Talk bout yuh fit and can't run 100 meters
Living pura vida down in Costa Rica"
-'Pure Life'

"Babylon yah city gwan burn!
When wicked man ah melt, dat is not my concern!
Work so hard yet still nothing to earn
Murderer ya judgment dun confirm!
Time is of the essence just before the table turn
Battlefield warrior, so solid and firm
Locks man ah grow, we no plat up nah perm
Babylon I jump and crush up like worm"
-'When Your Time Is Up' w/Norris Man

"Dem no love fi si di poor man strive
Dem no waan fi si di children survive
Well as far as I can see with my eyes -
Babylon ahgo bun!
Mi no care who catch fright
That's why, mi haffi Emperor Selassie I
Who give I di strength fi spread di music worldwide
All dem ah gwan like everything deh pon file
But dem caan keep count di words of every Black child!
Mi know dem ah fight over oil!
Yow! Everyone know, dem ah cold-blooded reptile!
That's why di ghetto youths dem nah pop no style!
Sight dem from far!
No come within a mile
Mi no smile!
It ah buss dem brain!"
-'Buss Dem Brain'

"Take your time and free your mind
Meditate and flow as far as the wind
You'll be fine if your heart is divine
Don't you know death is the wages of sin
Do your part and I'll do mine
Let's do away with war and crime
Just stay focused, you'll see the sign
Look what happen when love and righteousness combine
Praise King Selassie, HIM a The Almighty King
David slew Goliath with a stone and a sling
Mi love Black people from up inna di beginning
More thanks giving
All hail The King
Teach di ghetto youths dem fi have some discipline
Mi smoke di marijuana and put away di gin
Right over wrong, mi slew di enemy
Victoriously - Wi have to win"
-'Wicked World' w/Batch & Ras Attitude

"Jah Jah bless di children of today
Most High Jah Jah bless di youths, mek dem nah stray
There is so much going on within this world of hate
Jah Jah bless di youths and keep dem safe
Oh yeah!

Bless dem, protect dem
Keep dem safe and secure
Correct them - They know not what they've got in store
They're facing tribulations without knowing what for
Go before us and thy see to it my heart remains pure
Some people betray and keep forsaking you
But I just hold a meds and keep the faith in you
Whatever they say I know I ain't got no hate in you
The chosen is very few"
-'Bless The Children'

"Living yah life and give praises
Whatever the case is never -
You ever judge and compare
Africa is where my birthplace is -
Where my lineage traces
'Member: Only love can take you there
Reaching out to sunburnt faces
Singing amazing graces
More than words - Pressure love you dear
Hey, red, gold and green laces
We're a nation, not races
-'Zion Is Home'

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