Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 42

Diana King - "Agirlnameking" [ThinkLikeAgirl Music Inc.]

Do you remember Diana King? Surely you do and I don't think it's out of the realm of common sense (not that such a thing matters to me) to call the Pop/Reggae diva (I hate that word) a superstar of sorts - So she's getting the start here! Her first album . . . since her last one, "Agirlnameking" is set to release this week and it should be a really really big deal. I don't know what she's been up to lately, but from listening through the clips for the album, it's pretty much typical for the songstress which should definitely please her HUGE throng of fans.

Potential Rating: 3/5
Releases Tomorrow
CD + Digital

Omar King - "The Journey" [Bonfire Pr]

MYSTERIOUSLY, also back with his very first album since his last one is the son of royalty, Omar Perry, who brings fourth his third (I THINK) studio album, "The Journey". On paper, although HUGE (nineteen tracks long), this one looks full of potential. I was never the biggest fan of Perry's, but having checked his second album, the relatively impressive "Can't Stop Us", I'm definitely going to be paying attention to this release. To add to anticipation, joining Perry are Anthony B, Earl 16, Kiddus I and others. I won't go too far here, but my thinking is that, when fleshed out, there's probably a pretty good 12-13 track album somewhere in here.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases November 11
CD [I THINK] + Digital

Derajah - "Paris Is Burning" [Wagram Music]

'Ghetto Youth Fallin Out'

Speaking of Kiddus I - Also on tap later this month is a brand new album from the very respected chanter, Derajah, who links up with the band Donkey Jaw Bone for "Paris Is Burning". I've already had quite a few people tell me how impressive this album is going to be and telling me that I need to check it out. I haven't really gotten into it just yet, although the clips are pretty impressive. Big Youth features on a tune from the album which seems to be just HEAVY modern Roots Reggae music, with an ear towards an old(er) school type of vibes and, given its reputation, I'm looking forward to diving in.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases November 14/28
CD + Digital

"The Hit List Vol. 3" [Tad's Records]

It's apparently time for "The Hit List" again! The yearly compilation is (one of) Tad's Records' overstuffed musical 'summary' of the year for Reggae and whatever people refer to as Dancehall these days. This is pretty easy stuff, despite there being TWENTY-FOUR tracks on the album - Expect a lot of Mavado and Vybz Kartel, some Beenie Man, Tony Matterhorn, Khago, Jah Cure and I-Octane. There're a few twists here with the biggest likely being Alaine's sterling year old cut of the Cardiac Bass Riddim, 'Up'. This is definitely one for the casual heads who will likely love it.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on November 8
CD + Digital

'Musical Party' by Jah Marnyah (single) [Faya Wurks Records]

Something which really made me SMILE was this new single from Achis Reggae favourite, Jah Marnyah, from out of Montserrat, courtesy of Faya Wurks, 'Musical Party'. I haven't heard the full song and from what I hear, I'm not exactly DAZZLED by the tune, HOWEVER, the very fact that it exists was a nice thing for me. Marnyah hasn't been the most active of individuals in 2011 and hopefully this song is an indicator that 2012 will be different for him.

Releases on November 21
CD + Digital

"Covers For Reggae Lovers Vol. 3" [VP Records]

And finally - Coming soon this week is something which I probably should've left off, because it doesn't reach until next year - It's the latest installment of VP Records' "Cover For Reggae Lovers" series. Again, this is pretty easy stuff with various names in Reggae music taking on predominately tunes from the R&B and Pop arenas. Up this time around, as always, is a nice assortment of artists, including Tessanne Chin, L.U.S.T., Freddie McGregor & Soul 4 Soul and others (including Taddy P twice). Still, I have to say what caught eyes most was the cover of one of my Wife's favourite tunes, 'Kiss From A Rose' by Seal, now done by 'The People's Choice', Ray Darwin. Damn interesting!

Potential Rating: 3/5
Releases on January 24
CD + Digital

In Stores Now
Tanya St. Val - "Tanya Mania" [Natty Productions]

'Oui Se'y'

Definitely the biggest new release we're focused on this week is the latest and 'greatest' from one of the greatest to ever do it as the legendary Tanya St. Val mashes up with the three disc set, "Tanya Mania". Thirty intoxicatingly BEAUTIFUL tracks from the equally stunning Zouk legend appear here including the third disc which is, reportedly, full of never before released material. This is HUGE material here from one of the Caribbean's finest and most refined talents ever. There's even more interesting things going on with this one later this month, but don't mind that, just pick up the album!


Teacha Dee - "Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music" [TenFloor Records]

'Smuggling Weed'

I was equal parts excited and surprised when we heard that the impressive Teacha Dee had brought a FULL debut album, "Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music". In my head I was definitely thinking that it may be a bit too early for such a project and I haven't heard very much discussion about it, but again, I was just so happy that it had been released! The album features TWENTY tracks and a few of them should be familiar to listeners, particularly 'Smoke & Fly' and 'Smuggling Weed' (over Pow Pow's Ovastand Riddim). I'm pretty interested in this one and should we stick around long enough (and we won't), I may do a full review for it. Beat me to it and check it out now.


The California Riddim [Studio 91 Records]

I'm not CRAZY about the California Riddim, but in its eccentricity, it definitely has something damn powerful and infectious about it and it's gotten a bit of discussion for it and deservedly so. My main interest here is the presence of both Pressure Busspipe (alongside Fatts) and Wayne Wonder who turn in stellar efforts. I'm also, however, coming around on tracks from the world's angriest man, Stein and Mr. Easy so maybe it's better than I give it credit for - a lot of fun in any case, however.


'Rave Out' featuring Busy Signal by Skinny Fabulous [Pyramid Music Group]

Just like Jah Marnyah earlier on, also getting a smile from me was the digital release of this tune, 'Rave Out', a wicked combination featuring Dancehall adventurer, Busy Signal, alongside Vincy Soca ace, Skinny Fabulous. The song here is nice but I've heard it dozens of times (literally), so it's kind of worn for me even before they put it out officially. However, the real story here for me is that maybe Pyramid (who I believe manages Skinny) finally has its eyes towards just how marketable he can be in this medium and maybe we'll FINALLY get that album in 2012. I don't know how likely that is, but this is a damn good start.


Sara Lugo - "What About Love" [Soulfire Artists/Oneness Records]

Have you ever noticed that when you go out, people tend to stare at you and laugh and point? That's because you STILL haven't picked up Sara Lugo's debut album, "What About Love". I don't know what the hell is wrong with you at this point - It's really pathetic! Right your wrongs and take care of that now!

Apparently Sara Lugo had an anniversary of life a few days ago so big her up and pick up her album and a belated Happy Bornday to the wonderful Sara Lugo.

CD + Digital

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  1. I have not listened so much to an album since Seldom Seen Kid. It is truly amazing that talent like this can suddenly emerge almost by accident. Lyrics with bite, beautiful music with vocals that go full bore for the senses. Those lucky enough to have seen her live are giving raves and the venerable BBC are pushing her forward.
    World look out!