Monday, December 5, 2011

Coming Soon 45

Coming Soon
Midnite - "In Awe" [Fifth Son Records/VP Records]

First up this week is a very VERY expected release. The first of the year is nearly upon and what does that mean? It means a lot of new Midnite. Surely you didn't think that the recent BIG release "King's Bell", their most high-profile in quite some time, would slow them down because each and every year 'they' frontload the calendar and here is the first sign of that for 2012. "In Awe" becomes Midnite's fifth (by my almost certainly incorrect count) release through Fifth Son Records from out of New Mexico. That lineup also included the very well received double set "Standing Ground" from a few years back and - Yeah, it's Midnite which means you know what to expect and people will be very interested.

Releases on January 24
CD + Digital

Konshens - "Mental Maintenance" [VP Records]

"Mental Maintenance" - album teaser

Next up we have another pretty big deal as Reggae star, Konshens, is set to deliver his debut solo set (I was pretty surprised to read that, actually) and do it for and increasingly sagacious VP Records (snatched up both this album and I Octane's, which were set for release through other labels), "Mental Maintenance". With nearly three months to go until it is released, this album has already managed to generate quite a buzz and early words are that both Tarrus Riley and Sizzla Kalonji are to be featured. Very much looking forward to this one - Konshens has proven to be very talented over the years and this album figures (HOPES) to find him putting his best forward on such a LARGE release.

Releases on February 28
CD + Digital

The Antique Riddim [Don Corleon Records]

'Antique Loving' by Tarrus Riley

FINALLY bringing his latest creation to an official release is the man himself, Don Corleon. The Antique Riddim is now set to drop before the end of 2011 and with it, you can well expect the typical STERLING composition Corleon always pushes. You can also expect a pretty familiar cast of characters as appearing are the likes of Protoje, Kartel, Da Professor, Tarrus Riley and others (although curiously absent from this release is 'Green Light', the big tune from another Don Corleon favourite, Ce'Cile) and surprising is the fact that he also includes a clean version of the riddim - Very un-Don Corleon-like.

Releases on December 27

The Ooh Baby Riddim [Necessary Mayhem]

Also back at work is Curtis Lynch Jr. & Necessary Mayhem who are working on the Ooh Baby Riddim as a release for next week. This set is typical throwback niceness from the flaming UK imprint with, as you can tell, a focus on the Lover's Rock arena and they've enlisted capable vocalists to push fine tunes (just not too many of them). Appearing are Machaco, Massicker, Saffire's younger sister, Lea Anna, UK veteran Shola Ama and the man himself, Maxi Priest (more on him in a minute).

Releases on December 13

Stamma Kid - "Nah Stop" [Warning Records]

While his isn't a name totally foreign to me, I don't know a great deal about Stamma Kid, but if you do, you'll be happy to know that he's pushing an album (possibly his first) early next year, "Nah Stop". It's all modern/new-school Dancehall (actual Dancehall) and that's something that's always welcomed. The only recognizable tune here, at least for me, is 'Blackberry' and, as you might imagine, the other songs don't stray too far from that vibe.

Releases on February 1
CD [I THINK] + Digital

The Bellyfull Riddim [FuryBass Sound]

FuryBass from out of France (duh!) is back with the very nice Bellyfull Riddim EP which features three tunes over this excellent composition (I mean . . . yeah). You might recall the label from their work with the outstanding Million Stylez who is back here with another big tune as is the always welcomed Yami Bolo and Virtus from out of Italy.

Releases on December 16

"Phantom Series Vol. 1" [Digital Link Inc.]

Lastly, coming soon this week is something which is just a pretty good idea from Digital Link Inc., "Phantom Series Vol. 1". This compilation links together four of the hottest young Reggae artists today, I-Octane, Khago, Zamunda and Jah Vinci on a twenty-three track release. Definitely if you're a more casual listener of the music - this is for you and it just may be one of the more crucial such comps. of the year. Unsurprisingly, its Octane leading the way with eight of the album's tracks. Khago and Zamunda both have six and Vinci has three and they're all a mix in terms of more and less known tunes so definitely check it out when it releases. Very nice!

Releases on December 9

In Stores Now
Maxi Priest - "Time of The Year" [Maxi Priest/Level Vibes Records]

I'm going to call this one somewhat ODD . . . I guess, but it is a Maxi Priest album so - there you have it. "Time of The Year" is an Xmas album from Maxi Priest. I've increasingly become more and more of a fan of his over the past couple of years or so and I'm definitely anxiously awaiting the next full studio album release, but until then I suppose, here's the best you can do.


The Hiroshima Riddim [Head Concussion]

Hiroshima Riddim Mix

I'm mentioning this one, the Hiroshima Riddim, almost solely on the strength of a single tune here, 'Nuh Suh Di Ting Work' by Bugle, which is the best song from the artist that I've heard in a nice amount of time! Bugle always has the capacity to be wicked and here's the most glaring example of just how much precision he has when at or near his best. Other at least decent tunes from the likes of Jemineye and Chan Dizzy abound, but Bugle is clearly the biggest star here.


The Premonitions Riddim [Friendly Fire Music]

Much like the entry before it, the Premonitions Riddim grabbed my interest largely because of one tune here, 'Make Contacts' by the unfortunately not too active Murray Man. That's a big tune and I also have my eye on a couple of others - one featuring Peter Spence and another starring Ras Tweed. Beat me to on this one and have a listen.


The Faithful Riddim [Cashflow Records]

'Love Gets Sweeter' by Wayne Wonder

The sparkly Faithful Riddim is the latest from Cashflow Records and it's pretty good in a certain 'fresh' kind of way (actually the best way to describe this one, definitely, is, as I said, "sparkly"). Not my favourite riddim, but there're some excellent performances on this piece which is, most surprisingly, sans any participation from Alaine. In her stead are the likes of Wayne Wonder, Chris Martin, Ginjah, Denyque (who sounds excellent) the previously mentioned I-Octane, Khago and Zamunda and a showstopping Ce'Cile.


'Caribbean Jabb' by Busy Signal [Truckback Records/Turf Muzik]

And finally is a new tune from the always adventurous and just FUN, Busy Signal who is, once again, going in a Soca direction (after offering, at least in my opinion, one of the biggest tunes of the 2011 season, 'Get Outta My Way') - this time a bit groovy - with the very colourful and very nice 'Caribbean Jabb' for Truckback Records. I saw the title of the tune and got excited for the same reason you did, but it isn't a jab jab. WICKED tune still and, again, you can't really help but appreciate Busy Signal just making music fun - always willing to do something different!

{Note: I don't actually know when/IF this is going to be released officially}
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  1. Dear Achis, I mean Dear Santa,,,, I need a iPad for the Christmas to play all these new releases happy day! I love Octane, Konshens and my fav Busy Signal

  2. Hahaha! Hope you get all you want Elena!