Friday, December 16, 2011

Destra 2012!

We have a lot of work ahead of ourselves which is a fact that I'm not terribly thrilled with because I'm lazy, but I have to say that when I saw this, it got my blood running just a bit. Carnival 2K12 is well on its way and it's damn time to get excited about it! To mark the occasion, the reigning and defending World's Most Wonderful Human Being, Ms. Destra Garcia has redone her website and everything else apparently. It's Destra 2.0 with the new look and I'm waiting and waiting for that big tune to drop. So definitely check out Destra's blazing website, (not yours, mine!) and also pick up some of her recently erupted catalog which is all over the digital scene now - Which means you don't even have to get off your ass to make it happen.

{Note: Fun things tomorrow}
{Note 2: We actually got a press release from Destra's PR people}
{Note 3: WHAT!}

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