Tuesday, March 27, 2012

REGGAE Music Again

"It's been a long long long long long long time, we no have no vibes like this

Play di music again!


REGGAE music again!

It's been so so so so long –

We no listen to some old time Reggae song

Play di music again!

As a Reggae mek wi unite again

If you were in my shoes –

You would si seh mi nuh choose music, a mi music choose

Impossible fi mi refuse

Caah mek no excuse

And if a di good vibe you waah, bring di real ting come

Reggae music live on, can dun!

So mek it play

For the rest of my days"


  1. best reggae website

  2. u r the best,respect,im new fan of reggae!thx u bring me into Jah~!chant everything~one love!

  3. reggae music again is fun. looking forward to perfect's next album produced seattle! (biggup clinton fearon who just dropped heart & soul!)