Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lyrics!: Perfect Giddimani

I know that I've said this now several times, but I don't know that it's ever been more appropriate and fitting than it is today. There are just some artists whose styles and concepts have no forefathers or foremothers and are uniquely their own and when you listen to them, many times, you get 'caught up' in their dynamicity and maybe we don't focus on their foundations and actual talents as much because of it. Today we take a look at someone who, for years, has been 'catching' fans across the world and give you a chance to sift through the unplanned madness and SEE what's really going on.  We can call him one of the most unique Roots Reggae artists to EVER emerge and we can call him one of the most fiery as well, but he's also a MIGHTY writer. Here we have ten completely random pieces of phrasal pandemonium from the perfectly unpredictable - Perfect Giddimani. 

Perfect Giddimani
 -'HIM Smile'-

"I gotta picture on my wall of Selassie I smiling
Emperor Selassie I smiling!
For us
There is a picture on my wall of Selassie I smiling
Jah Rastafari smiling!
For us

It ain't no painted portrait from a fairy colour book
It is the King of Kings, His Imperial Majesty, come take a look
This is my favourite pic from out of all the pictures that HE took
I wanna know where HE was standing, what HE was thinking
It gotta be something good!

Cherish this picture, now and forever
King Rastafari, I love you so!
Much more than money
This is a treasure
Cause I never seen nobody else in the world smiling like this before!"

-'Life' w/Lutan Fyah & Gyptian-

"It's just the little things we do and the words that we say -
Will make us have a really great day
Smiling faces everywhere and the weather feels good
Everyone is happy in the neighbourhood
And I say - Children don't forget your manners
Say thanks when I give you my oranges or bananas
Be courteous and kind always
Emperor Selassie you fi always praise

Keep silent, be violence free
Never let the pagans get you angry
Memba seh yah nah fi hate nor loathe 
And tek yahself outta di mix-up crowd
I see the silver lining beyond the cloud
Youth go look a job and stop lurks pon di road
Mi neva follow fashion
My natty yah just keep on flashin 
And my turban I just keep on washin!" 

-'No Badda Mi'-

Yah too damn conniving
Inna mi car, driving
You si star arriving
A little soak and ting
A peer good song mi sing
Mi a di handcart king
Amerimakka waiting
Mi nah shave nor trim
No waan no gun fi sling
But you go, tek weh mi knife wah peal mi pumpkin"

-'Talk Black Marcus'-

"Oh, what a might Black Prophet from St. Ann's Bay
He's the founder and the leader of the UNIA
Teach from town, go to country
England, France and Germany
They charge him for fraud in the USA-
Because he told Black people fi sail away
No history, this is I & I Black Story

Talk Black Marcus!
Walk and tell dem
Talk up Marcus!
Look how long you deh walk and ah talk

All the stones you throwed at him-
The lies you told on Him
No, you neva got Marcus weary!
The government tarnished his name
Some Christians did the same
Still, I love him SINCERELY!"

-'30 Pieces'-

"I've been around for a very long time
Cut sugar cane pon dem plantation
I've wiped all my tears, yet still I'm cry
Nuttin ever last forever but salvation

They gave I & I 30 piece of silver-
And 30 pieces of gold
But who is gonna pay reparation for my soul?
And I see dem gotta lotta money, inna dem billfold
But who is gonna pay reparation for my soul?

See I've got cuts and scars to show
I wanna run but I cannot go
Shackles and chains are all up on me
Brother man can you tell my Mother what's happening?
That I'm gonna be the next victim, of an action -
Save! Five pounds and a shilling inna bale"

-'Absolute Blessings' w/Sizzla Kalonji-

"Tell dem seh wi deh yah fi a reason, a cause and a purpose
Let your love flow!
Never you be nervous
Emperor Selassie I, The King, never desert us
Prince Emmanuel, The Priest, ever convert us"

"Empress Menen, royal and virtuous
Warriors deh pon di battlefield fi alert us"

"Remember: Be kind and courteous
A likkle more tea in the thermos" 

-'One Week'-

"To Mother Afrika, that's where I'm heading
You betta stop di war and di damn blood shedding
Give thanks for - The Royal Wedding
Hey Black people, stop unuh begging
Empress Omega, you are di Beginning
Tell Babylon seh di Bobo ain't kidding
Bobo Ashanti trodding while di pagans digging" 

-'My Chronic'-

"Don't worry nor panic
Cause my chronic, my chronic -
Is organic
So take a draw from it

Sweet words: Good herbs
And the sign on the room door says "Don't Disturb"
Naturally preserved
And I've gotta lot more in storage, reserved
No chemicals to harm yah nerves
Smell so good from around the curve
Authentic marijuana, mi plant and serve to Diana and Irv

Hey yah!
Can I have some marijuana?
I wanna smoke it again!
Wanna smoke it again!
When I am on the corner
So gimme that Ochi kush!
From the collie bush!
If mi haffi walk pon foot, tek ride or drive or -
Pedal and push"

-'Hanging Day'-

"I was awaken, by a whiplash and the master's boots in the cane trash
And I was taken, from a distance, without no shirt or pants
I should be in Alabama
Yet still mi deh in Mississippi
As the preacher man came along-
I heard someone say it's hanging day

Hanging day
Hanging day
Hanging day
It's hanging day
They're gonna take my life away

And as I walk up to the gallows -
I saw the big rope under the canvas
I drank water, from a little glass
Before my neck was cast
And as the rope got tighter
'Softer' I would pray
I heard someone whisper -
'It's hanging - STINKIN HANGIN DAY'

Mi Great Great Grandfather dead pon di plantation
Mi Grandfather dead yah
Mi Grannie dead yah
Mi likkle and mi big bredda
Mi Great Great Grandmother dead up pon di farm
Mi Auntie dead yah
Mi Uncle dead yah
Now it's my time to move on!

-'Handcart Bwoy'-

"She get whole heap a love and joy from di handcart bwoy
A di same likkle Bobo youth weh name Fitzroy
Round a market, mi juggle pepper and pak-choi
She neva know she woulda deh wid I

I'm trodding from the mountains
Pon mi foot a pure red dirt
Crocus bag dem stitch up and di cabbage well cut
Boutta dozen i-trait pon mi shirt 
I got, peppers and ripe bananas and some peanuts
I met this princess in di market standing by di culbut
I could see dat all she need was I & I comfort
Seh she come from up a River Gut -
But she's coming home to my likkle hut

She always -
Admire when I glorify The King
And how I seal my turban each and every morning
Sipping a little water from the spring
I push my cart and dance and sing
And what I am thankful for: She neva take no money from no superstar"