Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I'm Listening To: May

"Jah Golden Throne" [Zion High Productions - 2012]

“I saw upon Jah throne seated the Ancient of Days
And the throne HE sat upon was like a fiery flames
You cannot stand in HIS judgment, your time has come to an end
This is the time for righteousness to be ushered in”

Definitely with the exception of the few album's I've written for in the time from since, "Jah Golden Throne" has been in CONSTANT rotation on my players and . . . isn't going ANYWHERE in the immediate future. Why? Right now I would have to say that my favourite song going from ANYONE at this time is going to be 'Crown I Got' by Toussaint which is absolutely damaging my mind these days. When I reviewed it, I gave top honours to Glen Washington (more on him in a second) for the sublime 'Fall On Me', and while I'm not at all falling off of that so early, Toussaint struck gold on his track and I just cannot stop listening to it - not that I've tried or intend to in any way. YOU need to get this album, right now. 

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Glen Washington 

'Kindness For Weakness'

That same album I just talked about has done more than opened up my ears to one massive piece of tune by Toussaint The Liberator, it's also re-pointed in the wonderful direction of the aforementioned Mr. Glen Washington. I've been listening to quite a bit of his music and a very wide variety of stuff, new and old, actually, but I've kind of zeroed in on two pieces in particular: "Most Wanted" from last year and the relatively recently released [February 2012] "Gems From Glen Washington". Both are essentially 'greatest hits' styled issues and you'll also find that they share a few tracks actually as well - both are stocked with excellent tunes from the past from Washington and I'm slowly placing the singer in the class of people such as Yami Bolo and Mikey General and Mark Wonder - singers who I, basically, listen to full-time, regardless if they have new material around or if I'm listening to old stuff. This man's music is priceless. 

{Note: "Gems From Glen Washington is digital only}

"Love Life" by Black Dillinger [IM Music - 2009]

Big nation. Remember this one? To this day I have no idea why the boys at IM Music [VANISHED] never got around to putting on CD the increasingly wicked "Love Life" from the always wicked South African chanter, Black Dillinger and to, I guess, exit the business, but at least they did give it to the world as a 'goodbye' gift basically. Still wish they were around. Nevertheless, obviously look to "In This Time", the recent album from Rebellion The Recaller as the impetus for getting me back into this one. These days I'm primarily focused on the album's biggest jewel, 'On Big Nation', which may just be one of the best tunes I've EVER heard from anyone. 

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"It Takes Time" by Lutan Fyah (EP) [Dynasty Records - 2012] 

Rather quietly the smoking Dynasty Records (who we're also going to deal with next week) released a brand new EP from Achis Reggae favourite, Lutan Fyah, earlier this month and we've taken a nice interest in the project. Fyah is one of a nice rotation of vocalists in whom the label has taken a clear interest so they've recorded him very often (even more than you'll find here). On "It Takes Time" they've assembled five of the tunes. To my opinion it's a couple of them which take top honours - the big time 'Crown HIM' and the recent 'Ramp & Play'. The colourful latter has attracted a nice round of attention recently for obvious reasons (very accessible song) - and also check out 'You Got Me'. Dynasty is doing albums these days - hopefully a one from the Fyah isn't far off. 


"Most Wanted: Bushman" [Greensleeves - 2009]

Besides getting the phrase 'most wanted' into my head after digging for Glen Washington music at hand and then wondering which other albums in the series (which they need to update soon) I had, I can't rightly explain why Bushman's version popped up on my radars recently, but it has (actually that's precisely the reason). For his part, while entirely one of the most predictable installments of "Most Wanted", Bushman's set was just class. Packed with big and signature tunes 'Call The Hearse', 'Fire Pon A Deadas', 'Fire Bun A Weak Heart', 'Worries & Problems' and eight others, it's pretty much essential and SO essential that if you care about the artist, you're likely to have everything here, but it's also so damn convenient for moments just like these. 

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"Thanks & Praise" by Gappy Ranks [Hot Coffee Music/VP Records - 2011]

'The Road'

And lastly, I'm still heavy on Gappy Ranks lately and I'm currently (like RIGHT NOW) combing through his most recent full length player, "Thanks & Praise" from last year. There's not a tune which is just so OVERWHELMINGLY striking today that wasn't a year ago (does it seem like this album reached like four years ago to anyone else?) (is it too early to start asking for another???), but I'm just really enjoying a full on greater appreciation for Gappy's writing. He's definitely one of the better lyricists on the scene today and he's going to 'offer' you, as a listener, so much of a distraction from that - but when you get through the flare and everything else, Gappy Ranks has some serious SUBSTANCE as well. 

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  1. "One Big Nation" is one BIG tune! I go back to that one over and over.