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Coming Soon #50: KABOOM!

Coming Soon
"Working Wonders" by Mark Wonder [Oneness Records]

'Guiding Light' featuring Sizzla Kalonji

Hopefully we'll get to tell you tomorrow about the wonderful works Achis Reggae favourite, the German based Oneness Records, have kicked off 2012 with, but until then, I'm going to let you know about what they have coming forth and what they do have is an album which I am SO looking forward to. It's the latest set from one of the strongest Roots Reggae artists in the world today, the blazing Mark Wonder, "Working Wonders". A little while ago, the label dropped the initial single from the project in the form of the sterling 'Guiding Light' which featured the singer alongside the legendary Sizzla Kalonji and while that apparently is the only combination to be found here, just listening to the clips - I can tell that this is going to be a really POWERFUL album. You probably won't hear it from too many others, but definitely this one comes as one of the most anticipated of 2012 for me and I CANNOT WAIT (!) to get my ears on it!

Potential Rating: 5/5???
CD + Digital
Releases on June 29

"Gimme What's Mine"  by Chantelle Ernandez [ReggaeLand Productions]

Speaking of big 2012s, I have to say that perhaps no one is having hot the year thus far for labels that ReggaeLand, from out of Barcelona, Spain, is currently experiencing (biggup I Dwell Records) and it's about to get even steamier as they're now set to introduce their THIRD full blown artist album of the year and do so with another favourite of ours. CUTIE Chantelle Ernandez checks in with her solo debut (I THINK) set, "Gimme What's Mine". I was under the impression that she had signed to Necessary Mayhem, but here, Ernandez' album follows a pair by veterans Malijah ["Dancin' Shoes"] and Singer Jah ["Warrior of Jah Army"] (review coming soon) and it figures to continue the winning trend set by them both. Listening through this one, it seems to incorporate a bit of R&B vibes to things and that's not a problem for me here, given Ernandez' LOVELY voice, I can listen to her sing just about anything and I'm well looking forward to the chance when this one reaches. 

Potential Rating: 4.35/5
CD [I THINK] + Digital 
**Releases Tomorrow**

"Change The World" by Macka B [Chinelo Records]

WONDERFULLY returning in just about a week is the ultra talented veteran from out of the UK, Macka B, with his latest release "Change The World". I think it's his first album in three years or so and, really, isn't the entire world just a MUCH better place with Macka B doing work and a new album from him on the shelf! This time he isn't coming alone (he never is) and instead the album, which comes on Chinelo Records (his own label, apparently), also features the likes of Luciano, Earl 16, David Hinds and Macka's neighbour, Lloyd Brown. There seems to be some really strong here and Macka B has set a level of quality for expectation that has to be respected and anticipated so, this figures to be another firebrand for his well solid catalog. 

Potential Rating: 4.35/5
CD [I THINK] + Digital
Releases on June 15

"Reggae Gold 2012" [VP Records]

I'm sure we've dealt with this one before, but thankfully a little while on, new things are up. In about three weeks' time the latest installment of the best known Reggae compilation in the world, "Reggae Gold", from VP Records is due up and this year while several things have changed, several others have stayed the same. The double disc release features a first album which, with names such as Potential Kidd, Iba Mahr and Popcaan, is a direct journey to the present and beyond. And while it does also contain the usual suspects in Busy Signal, Etana (best song on everything), Tarrus Riley, Gyptian, Beres Hammond, Sean Paul and the likes, it is definitely looking like a slowly changing era for "RG"

On the other hand is the second disc which is a mix of modern classics and . . . Older modern classics. On board there're Bounty Killer, Beenie ManLady Saw, General Degree, Hammond & Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, I Wayne and Mavado (apparently 'So Special' is a classic already). So the series, which is almost exclusively aimed at newer heads, is really covering everything this year. 

Potential Rating: 4/5
CD + Digital
Releases on June 26

"Reggae Anthology: Young, Gifted & Yellow" by Yellowman [17 North Parade/VP Records]

Also on the platter from VP Records is the latest in their very useful running "Reggae Anthology" series from their equally valuable 17 North Parade imprint, which covers Dancehall royalty, King Yellowman, the masterfully titled "Young, Gifted & Yellow". Here you'll find FORTY tracks spread across two discs and I could get into them, but they're pretty much what you're expecting, so instead, I'll talk about the fact that the set also includes a DVD which, reportedly, actually contains a FULL CONCERT from the legendary DJ. Where the previous entrant on this post is definitely for new[er] fans, this one is just as strictly for the collectors.

2CD/DVD + Digital
Releases on July 17

"The Queen of Trinidad" by Calypso Rose [Maturity Productions]

"Lioness In the Jungle" trailer

VP Records (who else???) also has a hand (as a distributor) in "The Queen of Trinidad", a project featuring legendary Calypso matriarch, Calypso Rose. Again, I could talk about the CD here which features eleven very well known tunes from Rose, but of more interest (because you can get her music from absolutely anywhere at all), is the documentary which accompanies the disc, "Lioness In The Jungle", which I believe premiered last year. If you don't know a lot about Calypso Rose, you probably won't have a greater opportunity to become acquainted in our lifetimes than on this set, with this wonderful project, so don't pass up learning about TRULY one of the most special gifts that music has ever given us. 

Rated: 5/5
Releases on June 19

'‘Reggae Revival' by ProtojeRomain Virgo (single) [Don Corleon Records]

And lastly coming soon this week is the official releasing of a WICKED single, 'Reggae Revival' from ace producer Don Corleon, which features his cousin, Protoje alongside the flaming Romain Virgo. It's just a big song with an old[er] school vibe linking together a couple of the most talented voices from the newest school around - with a bonafide maestro behind it. 

Releases on June 26

In Stores Now
The Make It Gwan Riddim [Flash Hit Records] 

I've definitely been looking at this one (literally) for a few weeks now and while I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, I am planning on it. Flash Hit Records is yet another up and coming label from out of France and while I couldn't tell you of much else that they've done, I can tell you about their EXCELLENT Make It Gwan Riddim which recently reached. First of all there's the cover - anytime you can start drawing artists, I'm going to be interested - I think it's hilarious! The music behind the front, however, is no laughing matter because Flash Hit has quietly linked together one of the most interesting rosters that you're going to see this year. Pressure Busspipe and Lutan Fyah helm a cast which also features Jah Marnyah, Carl Meeks, Skarra Mucci, YT, Anthony John, Jahnett Tafari and others for this big riddim. Like I said, I haven't heard it in full, but I have a very good feeling about it, so beat me to it and pick up the Make It Gwan Riddim today. 


The Possessed Riddim [Necessary Mayhem/Zojak Worldwide]

Next in is the latest (I think) from the aforementioned Necessary Mayhem from out of the UK, the Possessed Riddim. This riddim is more of the typical old school coloured vibes you've come to expect from the label from since their inception a few years back and they've kept it most simple this time with just four artists on board. Tarrus Riley is joined by Million Stylez and veteran vocalist Jah Mali - for yet another gem of a set from NM. 


The Warn Dem Riddim [Cashflow Records] 

I don't even want to . . . Really talk about this one, but I feel like I should. For some reason Khago got into a bit of a dispute with Agent Sasco and you can listen to it play out on the Warn Dem Riddim from Cashflow Records. Why you would want to, however, is . . . None of my business. I don't care, do whatever you like. [I dont even know . . . ] 


Berbice [JMD Distribution ] 

And finally, you should know that one of my personal favourite Soca artists, the versatile Berbice from out of Grenada, has just thrown his much of his catalog to the masses via a quartet of digital releases (fittingly titled "Volumes 1-4"). Of course, you'd love him to put it together a bit better (one of the covers appears to be he and his son at the latter's graduation) - but I don't care. Within the set you can find excellent tunes such as 'Hey Lady', 'Water', 'Big Up Yourself', 'Oh Girl', 'Oh Carnival', 'Tabanka', 'Demon' and, of course, one of the greatest fucking songs ever heard by anyone - 'Trafficccccccc'. 


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  1. Everyday I'm listening to Guiding Light. That makes it my new favorite song since Whosoever Diggeth A Pit From Natural Black.