Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming Soon: "Shining Hope" by Gappy Ranks

"Shining Hope" by Gappy Ranks [Hot Coffee Music/VP Records]
 1. 'Shining Hope'
2. 'Tomorrow Loves You'
3. 'Hello'
4. 'First Sight'
5. 'Back to Reality'
6. 'Nothing Comes Easy'
7. 'Maybe'
8. 'Sell Out'
9. 'Up Again'
10. 'Everything  Gonna Be Alright'
11. 'Still In Love'
12. 'Never Enough'
13. 'Why?'
14. 'Carpenter'

September 2013 is already shaping up to be a very memorable month for music fans as we recently told you, Reggae star, Perfect Giddimani, is set to release his highly anticipated brand new album, "Over The Top" for The House of Riddim, but he will not be alone next month. Also set to bring forth a new project which has been long rumoured for quite a few months now is ultra gifted UK light, Gappy Ranks, with his third studio effort by my count, "Shining Hope". Like a great deal of Gappy's work, the new album comes courtesy of his own label, Hot Coffee Music, in conjunction with VP Records and should it prove to be anywhere near as good as his two previous efforts, "Shining Hope" figures to be a very BIG release for the second half of the year.
"Put The Stereo On" [2010] & "Thanks & Praise" [2011]
In 2010, Gappy would make his long awaited album debut for Greensleeves, with the old school aimed "Put The Stereo On" and the next year he would immediately return with a more modern set in the wonderful "Thanks & Praise". Both albums, full, showed a very complete and versatile artist who was capable of just about anything on a track and in the more than two years from "Thanks & Praise", Gappy's star has remained on the rise which can be seen in the considerable buzz around this album. "Shining Hope" is very interesting in that it was discussed months ago and was always mentioned to be headed for a September release. If you pay enough attention (and we do), in Reggae music things like that rarely actuate when they're supposed to, but in this case it seems as if everything has gone properly and the full album is on its way. 

Although the early official tracklist that we've seen does not show it, from my own experience with some of the songs on the new album, it appears that at least a couple of combinations are here with the flaming Exco Levi joining in on 'Everything Gonna Be Alright' while sweet singing bonafide cutie, Denyque, appears on the lover's piece, 'First Sight'. Also of interest are the fantastic title track, 'Up Again', 'Back To Reality' and the potentially WICKED 'Carpenter'.

'Shining Hope'

I have a really good feeling about this album and we'll all be able to see how good it is when the latest from Gappy Ranks, "Shining Hope", reaches stores on September 17. 

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