Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coming Soon: "Mystical Journey" by Norris Man

"Mystical Journey" by Norris Man [Fox Fuse Entertainment]
1. 'In The Valley'
2. 'Give Praise'
3. 'Bully'
4. 'Holding My Own'
5. 'Smell The Coffee'
6. 'These Feelings'
7. 'You Got To Know'
8. 'A Friend In H.I.M.'
9. 'Ordain With Strength'
10. 'Picture Myself'
11. 'Take Control'
12. 'I Found Love'
13. 'Treasure Your Soul'
14. 'Babylon Affi Fade'
15. 'Falling For You'
16. 'For The Prize'
17. 'God Above'

A potentially really nice album is just about a month away as, following his earlier release this year, "Much More To Life" from Tiger Records, veteran chanter, Norris Man, is already back with what is set to be his fifth album in two years, "Mystical Journey" (which, I think, will be his thirteenth album to date). Though we do not know a lot about this album, two things do stick out very much. First of all, it officially is a product of Fox Fuse, which has been doing really good work lately (including release the debut album of world's angriest man, Einstein) and, if you look closely at the cover art, it carries the logo of Nordic Steel. The same label, just last year, pushed the very interesting "Modern Roots", which was kind of a Dancehall/Reggae/Hip-Hop mix. Of course on that same album was the MASSIVE 'King of Your Soul' tune which was an instant favourite of mine from Norris Man.
"Modern Roots" [2012] & "Much More To Life" [2013]
If, in fact, "Mystical Journey" is a product of the same Swedish based imprint, then early indications are that it is somewhat of a turn from its predecessors. This album very much is a Roots Reggae album, for the most part, and figures to appeal more to more 'traditional' fans of the artist. And, on paper, it just may be an album with seventeen songs of a similar nature coming from the creators ["We are the creators! They are the separators!"] [BOOM!] of ‘King of Your Soul'. So that is a big deal itself and, as I've said in the past, if you are someone who is capable of getting Norris Man in even a good form, you have something potentially special on your hands. Find out for yourself when Norris Man's "Mystical Journey" arrives in stores on December 17


  1. was stein's all or nothing debut any good? I just realized it's out from this post.

    norris man is putting out albums at a rate like midnite. seems it's his time.

  2. I didn't like the album Cassa. He's talented, but it was almost like every song on that album had the same hype pace and it kind of sounded like one giant song instead of different ones.

  3. I see. I want a Bugle album more than anything in the world. Would be cool to see a lyrics post about him.