Thursday, November 28, 2013

New From Midnite & I Grade Records!

As we've been going back and examining our way through the catalogue of Vaughn Benjamin and Midnite, I've made it a point to mention that, despite just how many albums they do have (at last count, I think, it was forty-eight), there is one stop along their musical journey which always manages to make itself a highlight amongst the lot. That comes via working alongside the wonderful people at I Grade Records who not only consistently seem to bring out the best in Midnite, but unlike many of the other labels that release Midnite's work (although it does seem to be changing just a little), IGR also makes sure that fans know about the music via some of the best promotion that we have in Reggae music today. Because of that, you can well expect to hear quite a bit about a new project because on the way is a brand new album from Midnite for I Grade Records (and the Zion I Kings) which is, apparently, set to reach early in the new year, "Beauty For Ashes". [WHAT!] [BOOM!]
"Mongst I & I" EP [2011]
Can't wait (neither can I, but we really have no choice)? Before that, as they have in the past and as they did ahead of the last Midnite/IGR combination, the fantastic "Kings Bell", I Grade Records is releasing an early EP for the forthcoming album based on the (presumed) first single, 'Same I Ah One'. Along with that song and four mixes of it, the EP also takes things a very large step forward in showing a bit of the new album by adding two additional tunes. Because of that, not only do we hear from Pressure Busspipe, who guests on 'Same I Ah One', but also visiting are Lutan Fyah and Ras Batch who feature on 'When Jah Arise' (which sounds SPECTACULAR!) and 'Weather The Storm', respectively. 
"Beauty For Ashes" [2014]
With a lineup like that, you really have to start wondering about the eventuality of "Beauty For Ashes". Where do you go from there? You also wonder of things like videos as the "Kings Bell" album birthed the very first official Midnite video ever. What isn't up for question, however, is that this album already is sure to be a great one and a contender for Album of The Year for 2014. That, we'll have to wait longer for, but not for this. The "Same I Ah One" EP from Midnite and I Grade Records reaches digital shelves on December 17. Time to get excited.


  1. Do you know what happened with the album Lion Out Of Zion? I can't find it anywhere? I can't find the tracklist :(

  2. I don't think they've released it yet, I don't know why though.