Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Big People Party" by Farmer Nappy

"Big People Party" by Farmer Nappy [Fox Fuse]
1. 'Big People Party'
2. 'Stranger'
3. 'Family'
4. 'Addiction featuring Imani
5. 'We Doh Sleep' featuring Shurwayne Winchester
6. 'Minglin'
7. 'Drunk'
8. 'Down Low'
9. 'All Ah Dat'
10. 'Stranger' [Roadmix]
11. 'Ah Find Mehself Dey'
12. 'Doh Stick'

Though, thus far, we definitely have not been thrilled by the music coming from the Carnival season 2014, there have definitely been a few bright spots in the mist of mediocrity. One has certainly been my favourite tune this year, Bunji Garlin's giant 'Truck On De Road'. Machel Montano has also had a song or two that I've really liked and, as she always does, so has the incomparable Destra Garcia. Someone else who has already had a quality season in my opinion has been veteran Farmer Nappy who now becomes the first big name from Soca this year (in a list which always includes the Happiest Man Alive, Montano, and is sure to include Garlin) to set up an album release in the form of "Big People Party". 
The record comes via a most familiar source as the Farmer, once again, links up with the increasingly outstanding Fox Fuse. Digitally speaking, outside of Precision Productions (who can release the next edition of "We Muzik" anytime now) (…please!), the Fox Fuse does more Soca than anyone and along with the world's angriest man, Stein, and veteran Dub Poet, Yasus Afari, Farmer Nappy seems to have become one of the label's most pushed stars. To date the Farmer and Fox Fuse have linked on two projects to my knowledge, the first being his very strong 2012 album, "You Make Me... Surrender" and just last year as well, on the EP, "Mischief" (whose contents appear, entirely, on this album).
"You Make Me... Surrender" [2012] "Mischief" EP [2013]
This year, Farmer Nappy has rolled out with some very big material, as he does every year. Though he may go overlooked at times (and I'm beginning to change on that. There is a level of stardom in Soca music that exists beyond, but I think that for what he does, amongst people who faithfully follow the genre, Farmer Nappy is no longer what I would refer to as underrated and is very appreciated), if you want top notch Soca music with a very fresh blend, you can't really do any better, in the consistent sense, than the Farmer, who has well proven himself, arguably, THE most reliable producer of such a sound in all of Soca music. His biggest set from 2014 has definitely been the intoxicating title track for "Big People Party" which, obviously, appears on the album named after it and the album also picks up some of his bigger releases from 2012 and 2013 including personal favourites of mind 'Minglin' and 'Ah Find Mehself Dey'. There's also a song here which I've NEVER heard before, 'Doh Stick', which is chaos and should be a highlight on this album.

'Big People Party'

You can see all of that for yourself, however, when you pick up Farmer Nappy's new album, "Big People Party", which arrives in stores on February 25.

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