Saturday, May 31, 2014

Coming Soon: "Get Rid A Di Wicked" by Lutan Fyah

"Get Rid A Di Wicked" by Lutan Fyah [Breadback Productions/VPAL]
1. 'Tired a Di Suffering'
2. 'Children Safe'
3. 'Just So Down Town Run'
4. 'My Mother'
5. 'This Love' featuring Lady G
6. 'Ambition'
7. 'Baby I Am Your Love'
8. 'More Love'
9. 'Ganja Man'
10. 'Get Rid A Di Wicked'
11. 'Jamaican Girl'
12. 'Gospel Grind'
13. 'Enchanting Smile'
14. 'House and Land'
15. 'Jail Wall'
16. Lutan Interviewed by Genie Sweetness

A pretty big release that we first mentioned back in April when it was slated for an April release date before being pushed back to June is coming up relatively quickly within the first third of the month as Achis Reggae favourite, Lutan Fyah, makes his 2014 album debut with "Get Rid A Di Wicked". This album comes via Breadback Productions who is best known for having done so much work with Sizzla Kalonji through the years, most notably of course, the chanter's Grammy nominated set from just last year, "The Messiah". One of the label's other most consistent vocalists has also been Lutan Fyah so this album comes as both no surprise and wholly welcomed as well. 

I have had an opportunity to hear early clips from the album and it does sound, as expected, quite impressive and I'm well looking forward to the full record. Lutan Fyah's next album is set to reach stores very soon. "Get Rid A Di Wicked" is in stores on June 10

{Note: We've only seen digital information for this album, but I have seen what appears to be a CD back, so stay tuned}


  1. This will make a good Bday gift

  2. Please forward your email so that you may receive the press release for "Get Rid A Di Wicked". Bless

  3. Purchased on amazon..I have to listen more but on first listen I expected more..with a title like get rid of the wicked almost half the album are love songs..I understand lutan has to sell records tho...I'll give more thoughts after a hiss review