Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming Soon: "Differentology" by Bunji Garlin!

"Differentology" by Bunji Garlin [VP Records]
1. 'Red Light District'
2. 'Carnival Tabanca'
3. 'Savage'
4. 'Differentology [Ready For The Road]'
5. 'Truck On D Road' Remix featuring Asap Ferg
6. 'West Indian Jungle'
7. 'Touchless'
8. 'Differentology [Ready For The Road]' Major Lazer Remix
9. 'Carnival Tabanca' Viking Remix
10. 'All O Dem'
11. 'Stages'
12. 'Over The Hills'
13. 'Gi Dem Dey'

And we were just thinking that VP Records and RCA and… whoever else was ultimately involved (biggup Tarrus Riley and the eight million labels that worked on his last album) ["Love Situation", in stores now] might not want to continue to delay the forthcoming big time debut set from Trini Soca ace, Bunji Garlin, much longer as its main attraction was -- as explosive as it most certainly is -- was 'progressing extensively' (big work speak for "getting old"), apparently they were thinking the same thing as Garlin's findings on the study of "Differentology" are set to be formally presented in less than a month (two days before the worst day of the year. [that was a REALLY long sentence!] Looking through the tracklist, there's nothing here which was terribly surprising (although I did have to learn who Asap Ferg was) with the album being built upon known tunes and their remixes. Personally, however, I was rather happy that they did include one of my favourite from Garlin over the last few years, 'Touchless'. Other happy spots (because I'm happy) for me include the fully joyous 'All O' Dem', 'Stages'… basically, I'm pretty happy with the final four songs on the album and, of course, that isn't all. So while it figured to have some semblance of a big messy crossover album that predominately Reggae fans have seen throughout the years, "Differentology" doesn't seem to have been handled in that way (which boosts a point that we've made for the years - that it's surprising that Soca hasn't already taking a 'mainstream' leap forward because it is a style which requires, essentially, NOTHING in the way of conversion. It's already packaged well for wider reaching audiences), which is a good thing.

HOW GOOD?! You can reach your own conclusions when Bunji Garlin's long awaited tenth album, "Differentology" arrives in stores on August 12th.

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