Friday, August 15, 2014

"I Rise" With Etana!

"I Rise" by Etana [VP Records]
1. 'Selassie Is The Chapel'
2. 'How Long'
3. 'On My Way'
4. 'Stepping Out Of Babylon'
5. 'Jamaica Woman'
7. 'Richest Girl'
8. 'Love Song'
9. 'By Your Side'
10. 'Passing Thru'
11. 'Trigger'
12. 'Stenna's Song'
13. 'Emancipation'
14. 'Jam Credits'

Apparently October 2014 is turning out to be the month for women in Reggae music as joining Alaine, who is set to deliver her favourite card with "Ten Of Hearts" is superstar Etana with her fourth studio album, "I Rise". While, obviously, this one is still very early in its development (being two and a half months away) (at least), now is still a very good time to start getting excited as her three previous albums included a nearly perfect piece in "Free Expressions" (which was still good enough to be the best album I heard that year) and a pair of likely classics in "The Strong One" and most recently "Better Tomorrow". I'm not at all expecting anything different here and Etana's pedigree and class virtually guarantees that this one will be on the same level as well. 

Rise with Etana when her latest album, "I Rise", reaches stores on October 28 from VP Records.

{Note: This cover is phenomenal}

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