Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Ebola' by Matthew Greenidge!

'Ebola' by Matthew Greenidge [JahLight Records]
We were going to save this one until the next edition of 'Coming Soon' but because I don't know when that will be, and it surely won't be ahead of the release date of this one, I thought that we'd wrap up 2014 from one of our favourite and most active labels, JahLight Records from out of Trinidad. Having been very busy, particularly recently, JLR closes the year tapping a very familiar source as the label's own star, Matthew Greenidge, brings forth his brand new big tune, ‘Ebola'. 

"Another outbreak in Africa!
It is more worst than dem AIDS and cancer!"

I don't particularly know if I know it from anywhere but I do have to mention that I LOVE the riddim on this track and for his part, Greenidge puts forth an excellent effort, giving his opinion on the current tragic outbreak in the world in a big way. And we have been assured that this is the final move for JahLight Records this year but all the work that they have laid this year definitely sets them up nicely for a giant 2015. So biggup JLR, congratulations on an outstanding year, and biggup Matthew Greenidge whose new tune, 'Ebola', arrives in digital stores on December 9th

Also be sure to to check out Greenidge's 2013 debut album, "Jah Rules Over All" from JahLight Records.

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