Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Black Dillinger: Live In Munich!

"Black Dillinger: Live In Munich" [Jah Muzik Productionz]

1. Intro
2. 'Do Good'
3. 'Burn Dem Up'
4. 'From A Place'
5. 'Hail The Man' featuring Uwe Banton
6. 'Africa'
7. 'Cyaan Run Away'
8. 'America'
9. 'It's Alright'
10. 'Bless My Soul'
11. 'Volcano Erupt'
12. 'Better Tomorrow'
13. 'Everyone'

Check! A really, REALLY nice and most surprising release recently popped up on our radars courtesy of Jah Musik Productionz as longtime Achis Reggae favourite and South African standout, Black Dillinger reaches back with his fourth album to date and his first since... his last one, the downright SHOCKING "Live In Munich"! As I've said in the past, Reggae shelves, both new and digital and old physical, aren't exactly overflowing with Live albums [biggup Soca] [or don't] and it's always nice when a real talent can draw some attention to the most overlooked album subgenre and, along with Jah Muzik, clearly Dillinger is doing his part.

The album is comprised of a show which took place during the Theatron OpenAir Festival in Munich, Germany (DUH!) and came as a total surprise to us, but we always biggup good ideas and here is a GREAT one! WHY NOT!

Musical speaking (which is our language here), the playlist is locked with some big tunes and heavy favourites from Dillinger, including what is probably my single favourite song of his, 'America', his cut of the MAMMOTH Gangstalaw Riddim from a few years back via the vanished IMMusic (looking it up, that track is almost a decade old which is RIDICULOUS!) (I am soooooooooo old) and other tracks which lit my eyes such as 'From A Place' ["Think you have it all, but one day you shall fall. Babylon ah crumble like wall!"] [BOOM!], 'Bless My Soul', 'It's Alright' and 'Cyaan Run Away' as well as 'Do Good' [TEARS!] from Black Dillinger's debut set, "Live & Learn". Also featured on "Black Dillinger: Live In Munich" are more songs, still, with which fans are familiar such as 'Hail The Man' alongside Uwe Banton (biggup Uwe Banton) 'Burn Dem Up' and 'Volcano Erupt' - the latter of which is probably the best performance on this album [BOOM!]. Lastly, also present is a tune new to my ears (according to the press-release, it's new to everyone's), 'Everyone', which is excellent and, is hopefully, a preview of what is to come from Black Dillinger once he reaches back in the studio for a new album.
Until then, however, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason at all not to pick up his latest project, "Black Dillinger: Live In Munich" from Jah Muzik Productionz, which can be found in your favourite digital store today.

{Note: Biggup an Otis from Jah Muzik, we no idea}

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