Friday, June 17, 2016

"True To My Roots" by Freddie McGregor

"True To My Roots" by Freddie McGregor [VP Records]
1. 'True To My Roots'
2. 'Your Love's Got a Hold On Me'
3. 'Calling'
4. 'I'm a Soldier'
5. 'Master Design'
6. 'Sen Come Call Me'
7. 'Song In My Head'
8. 'One of These Days'
9. 'I'm Falling In Love With You'
10. 'Rasta Ha'Fi Party' featuring ChinoStephen 'Di Genius' McGregor
11. 'What You Gonna Do'
12. 'I'll Be Back'
13. 'I Pledge My Love'
14. 'Indigenous People'
15. 'Do You Understand?'

All is (and I mean ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL) made right in the world when the great Freddie McGregor is making music and, today, we take a quick look at some musical corrections which is now at hand as the legendary Captain of the Big Ship reaches back and unfurls an album which I have a REALLY good feeling about, his latest set for VP Records, "True To My Roots".

Despite having a career in the music which stretches back billions and billions of years, McGregor has remained fairly active for an artist of his stature and when he pulls everything together for a project of this magnitude, it's always going to be a big deal and, just listening through some of this material, "True To My Roots" may just have something special about it, even in comparison to some of his more recent work (which has been very good in my opinion). Along with the title track and a very familiar tune from a few years back, 'What You Gonna Do', the album features several moments which I would well recommend you have a listen to.
The early favourite is probably the MASSIVE 'Indigenous People', but I'm also tuning into pieces such as 'Rasta Ha'Fi Party' which features McGregor's sons, Chino and Di Genius, the delightful 'Master Design', as well as the downright prophetic 'Song In My Head' (be careful there) and several others (like 'I'm A Soldier). It's just a really PLEASANT album, which I'm still playing with, but like I said, there's a very powerful vibes attached to this one.

Don't take my word for it though. See for yourself when you pick up the new album from Freddie McGregor for VP Records, "True To My Roots" which is available now in Japan and makes its way throughout the world beginning July 1st.

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