Friday, January 13, 2017

The Lovers Rock by Jalena!

"The Lovers Rock" by Jalena [Jalena]

1. 'If This Isn't Love'
2. 'High'
3. 'Better Days' featuring Harella
4. 'But I Love You'
5. 'No Living Without You'
6. 'Closer To Heaven'
7. 'Goodbye [Has Never Been So Hard]'

Big, biggup to Achis Reggae favourite, the infinitely delightful Jalena from out of Tortola, who recently returned with her latest project (her fifth by my count and first from 2015's "L'amour"), "The Lover's Rock". As its title would suggest, the new set finds Jalena exploring yet another style as previous releases have featured such a wide variety of different styles such as Reggae, Pop/R&B, of course Soca and even Zouk. Jalena has always been an artist, clearly, driven by results and everyone who has paid her attention knows that she is capable of sparking some damn colourful vibes of so many different colours, going allllllllll the way back to 'Roll It', (a HUGE tune - ridiculously nearing a decade old) (it cannot possibly have been that long ago) ["ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! WIIIIIIIIIIIINE! YOU CAN'T CONTROL  THIS WAISTLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!"] [BOOM!]. So her taking on a bit of Lover's Rock, certainly not a great deviation from her impressive skill set, comes as a very welcomed addition.
As for "The Lovers Rock", while I am still working my way through it, I definitely have to say that my early favourite is the ear candy, diabetes causing 'High' - an absolutely GORGEOUS selection. I also really enjoy 'Better Days' with Harella, the very subtle 'Closer To Heaven' and previous single, 'If This Isn't Love'. I should also say that, given the style of the music here, this might be the most impressive collective display of Jalena's vocals to date (although "L'amour" was really good there as well, it wasn't as long as "The Lovers Rock"), which is a quality I don't think she gets enough credit for. Jalena can sing! She has pipes!

Not sure about that?!!! See for yourself when you pick up "The Lovers Rock" by Jalena which you'll find in your favourite digital store right now. Go get it! I'm going back to bed.

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