Thursday, April 1, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts Vol. 9: "Achis Does . . . Popular . . . Stuff"


Back from a nice little voyage with the in-laws had a truly excellent time, as usual . The little one had an even better time and that’s all that counts ultimately. I only had ONE package waiting for me (biggup Nate), I’m nicely stocked up on VP Records’ releases for awhile now and that’s always a good thing, but now having left, I’m sure there’s a package up there today for me and I won’t get it for like 3-4 weeks.

Oh well. I’m looking forward to it anyway!

But also as usual, I loaded up on mainstream media like stuff because I just don’t do that at home (outside of bi-weekly raids of my Wife’s OBESE DVD collection).


Okay, I think I watched more sports live last week than I’ve watched probably in the previous six months or so combined. I’m not a big sports fan and suddenly have become less so recently.

My two favourite sports are probably Boxing and MMA and I watched plenty of both, with the highlight of the two being a fight between Andre Dirrell and Arthur Abraham (who looks REALLY REALLY OLD). Dirrell pretty much spanked Abraham. Abraham kept his hands up and tight and looked really slow and Dirrell pretty much shot right hands to the stomach the entire fight and even got a knock down (even though it looked like the guy was off-balance). Anyway, the fight ended with Dirrell, running trying to preserve his lead, slipping to the canvas and then being knocked unconscious by a frustrated Abraham. A lot of people apparently thought he (Dirrell) was faking being knocked out (I’m sure you can find this on YouTube), I didn’t and I place the caveat on it that even if he was (and again, I don’t think he was), Abraham deserved the result, which was him being disqualified, for screwing up so badly.

As far as MMA, my Brother In-Law has become a fan already and it didn’t even take my recommendation for him to announce he was getting the UFC pay-per-view. I used to like UFC and MMA in general more than I do now. I watched it a long time ago and really when it started getting really popular I’ve liked it less (fitting isn’t it), but I still try to follow it a bit. The event (I THINK) was UFC 111 and it was okay. I like more of the submissions and the highlight there was some Brazilian guy seemingly intent on ripping the leg piece off of his European opponent, despite the fact that he had already submitted and the referee was trying to stop the fight. The Brazillian guy (whose name I am looking up now. . . Rousimar Palhares. . . Who was apparently suspended for his 'deep tissue massage' - Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy) is obviously a very good fighter, but a bit of a jackass don’t?

Still, the most fun I had watching sports came watching some random football game from the MLS (Major League Soccer). I don’t remember who the teams were, one of them was wearing green (I want to say one was Philadelphia) (okay further research reveals that it may have been the Philadelphia Union vs. the Seatlle Sounders FC). The game was very good, despite ending at 2-0. It’s been a minute since I’ve just sat down and watched football, so maybe I’m very easily pleased, but definitely looking forward to the World Cup this year.

Of course there was all of the wonderful basketball games as well. But what I've found with basketball, for years, still holds true. Watch the last 5 minutes or so and you're good.

I know what you’re thinking - Achis, weren’t the damn sports on TV??? - Yes, but here what I mean is TV Shows and I don’t have anything to say at all. . . Except a HILARIOUS and dirty mouthed cartoon by the name of Archer. It’s stupid, but it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life. My Wife has no sense of humour whatsoever, but she thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. So definitely find Archer somewhere (again, I’m sure it’s floating around You Tube (or Daily Motion)).

And lastly are the movies. I saw quite a few bad movies, thankfully I don’t remember their names, but one which was actually good was called something and Monsters uhmmmm. . . Monsters vs. Aliens. HILARIOUS! It’s a cartoon and me and the little one THOROUGHLY enjoyed it, although she had apparently seen it already (don’t you love it when they just humour you).

I also saw, for the first time, a movie called Twilight which is a pretty big deal. It’s kind of a comedic/pale vampire movie. It was kind of hard to follow, but I think it’s for younger people (meaning older than 2, but younger than 28 apparently) and my brain wasn’t even that active on that day. The highlight of the movie was the delightfully pixie-like ‘Alice’ and her strangely crooked fingers, strong enough to manually decapitate albino vampires with but a single twist (and that dude playing baseball with his scarf on). Still, almost anything with a vampire in it, I'm probably going to like, although I'd probably have to see this one again to REALLY be sure.

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