Monday, June 14, 2010

Completely Random Thoughts 13.5: Mr. Lloyd Brown

Last time we left one Achis Reggae favourite, Mr. Lloyd Brown, we were in the process of naming his album way back in March. The album, whatever it’s called, is set to be released in Brown’s typically fruitful month of November (the man just likes November for some reason). I don’t have any more information regarding the substance of the eventual album now than I did in March, however, what I do have is MUSIC! So, I thought that as the proper next step in of constructing and prognostication, I’d take a second and briefly examine two tunes which may (or may not) (in which case this is a big ass waste of time, but it’s not like I have anything better to do, so be it) be included on “Consider Silver Brownies”. These two songs recently popped up on riddim albums and I’ll also be kind enough to tell you where to find them if you cannot wait (and you can’t). Let’s see:

‘She Nah Easy’ [Rootdown Records]
The first tune, ‘She Nah Easy’ is from the incredibly busy Rootdown Records’ big swinging old fashion sounding Kokoo Riddim and it finds Lloyd Brown confronted with the one part frustrating/2 part fascinating position of the object of his affections playing hard to get and doing a good job of it apparently. Brown tries just about everything, including shining up his “gapped teeth smile” and none of it works, not even a little. Although he doesn’t even remotely consider giving up, Brown fails to make any progress until he sings a bit of one of his songs (probably something from the "Silver" album) and “she look at me and froze on the spot. She seh ‘mi neva know ah you sing dat”. The tune (which I’m spending entirely too much time talking about), is very colourful and interesting and a sure winner - Not at all harmed by the fact that the riddim on which it is built is absolute gold. Well done.

‘Crush On You’ [Heavy Beat Records]
‘Crush On You’ is another old school tune from the coolest people on earth, the Lindos at Heavy Bbeat. This tune isn’t as strong as ’She Nah Easy’ (which is pretty close to being a ’GREAT’ song actually), but it certainly isn’t bad. On this song, Brown seemingly has less of a tangible level of interaction with his (potentially) special lady and it’s ostensibly more of a straight forward and broad type of love song, but it sounds EXCELLENT from a strictly sonic point of view, which is definitely its greatest quality.

The Kokoo Riddim from Rootdown and Heavy Beat's "Reggaematic: Pretty Looks" are both available right now digitally.

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