Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Tunes #47

Yep yep yep! Another Sunday after a most interesting week, so it's time for big tunes. Unsurprisingly, there was a pretty dominant subject this week amongst participants, so I picked a one tune from a veteran who I think was also here last week and one from a rookie (kind of) of sorts. And then we have another veteran with another very timely set. Let's go!

Yes - Everyone had Buju songs this week. Of course whenever Youstice has a tune, he pushes up near the head of the pack and this week he has an excellent one, it's Buju's 'add-on' to the classic 'Ring The Alarm' also featuring the originator, the late and great Tenor Saw. I happened to speak with Youstice this week and he seemed REALLY bothered by Buju being found guilty in his trial. He has one strange piece of sense of humour, so I'm still not quite sure if he was actually being serious or not (although I'm inclined to believe that he was). But big him up in either case.

Next we have a reader who I've been talking to from . . . a long time now - It's Daniel from New York by wave of Roseau in Dominica (who has actually sent us a few packages) (biggup Bredz). He has a pretty obvious tune, but I'm kind of glad he mentioned it. It's Sizzla with 'Free Buju'. Out of all the Free Buju variety tunes, I don't remember one which I still actually like and this tune isn't as bad as I remember it being, so it may just be my favourite of the lot, although certainly there're much much more on the way.

And lastly we have the always welcomed and always looked forward to, Jah Callax, King of The VI who comes in with a tune he GUARANTEED that I would LOVE. It's some Soca St. Thomas, 2010 season, JamBand with 'Regardless'. Well, all that I can say in REGARD to Callax' guarantee is that - as usual - He was right. HUGE TUNE.

As for yours truly, I'm following Callax' EXCELLENT lead with a tune that I've been meaning to work in here somewhere for the past few weeks. It's one of my favourites from the current TnT season and I'm WELL looking forward to MASHING up Soca Monarch stage next week. It's Shal Marshall with the MADNESS that is 'Doh Drag D Flag'.

  • We'll be gone all week. Tell you about it tomorrow.

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