Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Tunes 49.5: Send Me Rubbish!

Yow! I'll try to make this quick. Each and every Sunday we do Big Tunes here and because we were nearing a milestone of this ridiculous feature, I thought that we'd change it officially just once. SO! What I want is for you to do, my wonderful readers, is to send me BAD songs. Send me songs which are absolutely horrible in your eyes and tell me why you think so if you like. Hopefully next Sunday (although I will postpone if I have to and you'll see "Big Tunes 49.6" next week) we'll have a healthy lot to celebrate or to decelebrate #50! Send your garbage ready tunes to (preferably Reggae related) (duh!).

And for added incentive in your participation - Here's a picture of Lenora Crichlow!

  • Reviews next week for "Wotless" and blah blah blah
  • HUGE "Coming Soon" post tomorrow

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