Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 32

“Ziggi Recado” [Rock ‘N Vibes]

'Get Out'

Okay so, first up this week is an album which I actually went looking for because I noticed that we were getting quite close to the release date and I hadn’t heard much about it (biggup the Reggae press of the world) (I really mean it) () it’s the latest and self-titled release from Achis Reggae favourite, Statian superstar, Ziggi Recado, courtsey of Rock ‘N Vibes. What we now have is a bit more to work with, including (obviously) a cover and a tracklist actually and you can also hear clips. In see the tunes, quite a few things are certainly revealed such as ‘All My Life’, a combination with the incomparable Etana, UK veteran Tippa Irie and the globetrotting son of Reggae royalty Omar Perry also join in on the same tune, ‘Jah Alone’ and FINALLY the link happens as the label’s top talents, Ziggi and Maikal X do meet up on ‘This Year’. And you’ll also notice a few Dutch talents joining in as well. I CANNOT wait to hear this one play out (well looking forward to hearing the tune ‘New Day’, also). Unfortunately (for most of you people), this album appears to be taking the same route as RNV’s last project, ”Genesis” from the aforementioned Maikal X, in that it’ll be first (and only) released on Dutchie iTunes, but I would well expect a wider release soon thereafter internationally because this one should be huge (and probably from Greensleeves who did the same thing with Ziggi’s last album, the increasingly MAMMOTH ”In Transit”).

Potential Rating: 4.75/5
Releases April 15
CD + Digital [Dutch Exclusive]

Danny I - “To Your Majesty’ [I Grade Records]

Another of my personal favourites, WICKEDLY underrated St. Croix singing chanter, Danny I, is also back again next month with his latest album (his third to date), ”To His Majesty”, his second for the VI Reggae leader, I Grade Records, following the very ‘durable’ ”Unchangeable” from a few years back. Of course, anytime Danny I does a thing it’ll always grab my attention as he’s responsible for one of the greatest tunes I’ve ever heard in my life, ‘Lion As A Ruler’, from his debut album, ”Jah Fury” and this time, he’s back with a very interesting bit of help and I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to hearing ‘Sometimish Rastaman’, which features none other than Sabbattical Ahdah. Also guesting is Ras Army (which should be interesting to hear because their styles are very similar) and you can expect the typical roll of producers on what should likely be another MIGHTY project from Danny I.

Potential Rating: 4.5/5
Releases April 12
CD + Digital

“Our Favourite Beres Hammond Songs” [VP Records]

'Tempted To Touch' by Busy Signal

A little while back we heard the truly ridiculous ‘Tempted To Touch’, a straight forward rendition of one of the many classics from the vault of the legendary coolest man in the world, Beres Hammond (and his hat). The tune was sung just as it was intended to be, by none other than Dancehall ace, Busy Signal of all people! Well that tune wasn’t just a one-off and it was, in fact, a signal of something bigger coming and here that something is, ”Our Favourite Beres Hammond Songs” - a double disc set featuring some of the biggest names in the genre singing tunes originated by Hammond. Joining Busy are the BIG likes of Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, Romain Virgo, Alaine, Stevie Face, Marcia Griffiths, Duane Stephenson, Nadine Sutherland, Assassin and a big bag of others (including Hammond, himself) on this somewhat random, but really COOL idea of an album.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on April 26
CD + Digital

Earl 16 - “The Fittest” [Jah Solid Rock/Not Easy At All Productions]

'Fittest of The Fittest'

Once again we venture to the “highest region” shared between big Dutchie labels, Jah Solid Rock & Not Easy At All Productions and this time we find a brand new full length album from the always welcomed Earl 16. ”The Fittest”. I have no idea what is going to be on this album but, presumably, it’ll follow the course of its two 2010 predecessors from the labels, Chezidek’s masterful ”Judgement Time” and ”Teach Them Right” from Apple Gabriel. That means you can expect tracks and dubs to fill out the tracklist and some SERIOUS musicianship as well. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases in April
CD + Digital

The Step By Step Riddim [Rumble Rock Recordz]

Step By Step Riddim Mix [Pt. 1 & 2]

How nice (hey Heather)! The Step By Step Riddim comes to us from a previously unknown (at least to me) label from out of Pennsylvania (biggup Philadub), Rumble Rock Recordz and - What a very nice way to say Hello! Besides have an excellently vibed new riddim, credit goes to RRR for delivering one of the most varied roster of vocalists that I’ve seen in . . . A really really long time. Who’s here? Anthony B is and if you only follow the more ‘mainstream’ channels of Reggae music, his is likely to be the only name here that you recognize. Hardcore fans, however, will be absolutely delighted to see the likes of Arkaingelle, The Lambsbread, O-Shen, Zema, the HEAVY Zacheous Jackson (who, incidentally, apparently had an album released through RRR, ”The Truth Shall Be Told“, just last year, check it out) and, of course, Achis Reggae favourite, Messenjah Selah (and others too!). I love the kind of ‘grassroots’ vibes surrounding this one and the music is outstanding so definitely you want to pay attention to this one when it reaches.

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases in April

“Hits After Hits Vol. 4” [Joe Fraser Records]

The latest edition of ”Hits After Hits” from the venerable Joe Fraser Records may or may not have already been released but because I can’t find it actively retailing on any site just yet, I’m going to assume that it hasn’t been (even though the official release date is listed as March 8). However, whenever you can get your hands on it, that’s something you probably want to look into. #4 in the underrated and overlooked series (even by me) checks in at a VERY healthy TWENTY tracks (just like #3) and it also happens to feature some of the label’s biggest regulars. Tunes from Lloyd Brown (twice), Sadiki, Fiona (twice), Roger Robin and Mikey Spice appear next to more unexpected faces such as Sanchez (twice), Big Youth, Terry Linen and Stevie Face. Fans of Lover’s Rock should well be able to lace this one up as another very strong compilation for you in the still young 2011.

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases Soon [I THINK]
CD + Digital [I THINK]

“Kirkledove’s Fly-In” (EP) [Kirkledove]

'Come And Get It' by Ce'Cile & Courtney John

Underrated and well skilled producer Kirkledove attaches veterans Courtney John and Achis Reggae favourite, Bad Gyal Ce’Cile, on his latest digital release, ”Kirkledove’s Fly In”. The five tunes here (two combinations, two tunes from Ce’Cile and a one from John) come from over the past year or so and it’s just a really nice release. Combine stellar John’s almost inherent old school instinct with the fact that Ce’Cile has recently become one of THE most versatile names on the scene and - Yeah, very nice.

Releases on April 12

Wayne Wonder - “Wonderland” [AAO Music]

”Wonderland” is apparently the latest grouped together album from Reggae/Dancehall star Wayne Wonder. I don’t know if he has anything to do with this one and it looks kind of suspect (he actually appears to be wearing the same thing he wore on the cover of the ”Foreva” album). The song selection (between two discs!) is very random and certainly not what would appear on a ’greatest hits’ styled compilation (or at least not what I would put on any such thing) and even if it is legit (and it may be), it’s just not a very strong release and no one appears to be paying much attention to it either.

Potential Rating: N/A
Releases April 26

Christopher Martin EP [Cheeny Big Son/Zojak Worldwide]

Former Digicel Rising Star, Christopher Martin, has been FLAMING for the past year or so and while we await an official full length studio set, he does have a self-titled two track EP on the way, courtesy of Cheeny Big Son (and the miracle workers at Zojak Worldwide). The EP features various mixes (five in all) of two tracks that I don’t recall hearing before, ’I’m An African’ and ’This Year’. The sublime former is a BIG tune and while I don’t necessarily consider myself the largest of fans of Martin, I do have to give credit where it’s due - He’s outstanding.

Releases Soon

Jahdan Blakkamoore - “All Come Back To One Remix EP” [Lustre Kings Productions]

'All Comes Back To One' [original]

If you happened to miss out on Jahdan Blakkamoore’s OUTSTANDING 2010 album, ”Babylon Nightmare” (you are a fucking idiot), well you still have an opportunity to do that. To give you a bit of renewed interest however, the boys and girls at Lustre Kings Productions along with Lion Dub International have put together a remix EP for the album’s first single, ‘All Comes Back To One’. The set features four different mixes of the tune (along with the original version) and my own favourite (you can hear them all on Juno) is the first, ‘Bobo’s Remix. There’s some Hip-Hop there’s some Drum & Bass and everything else as this tune is explored in just about every possible scenario.

Releases April 12

Franz Job - ‘London: Why Oh Why’ (single) [Bacchanalism]

And finally here - While I’m not particularly fond of this tune, I was well happy to see it and the information on its digital cover as ‘London: Why Oh Why’ marks the return of the man from Tobago, Franz Job. Printed on the cover at the bottom it reads, “TAKEN FROM THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM THE OUTCAST DESCENDANT”, which means that the followup to ”Babylon Is Dead” is on its way. Like I said, the tune itself is nothing special to my ears, but Franz Job is still on my radars and I’m looking forward to what he brings next (especially with such an interesting title).

Releases on April 8

In Stores Now
The Sweet Corn Riddim [Pure Music Productions]

Sweet Corn Riddim Mix

Delly Ranx delivers an ABSOLUTE WINNER with the latest creation from his Pure Music Productions imprint, clearly one of the best compositions I’ve heard in 2011, the Sweet Corn Riddim. This thing is GORGEOUS! Whether or not it births tunes living up to the levels of the riddim’s own beauty is debatable (duh!), but with names like Delly, Gappy Ranks (of course), Wayne Wonder, Lutan Fyah and a motivated Teflon on board, we do get some big tunes in my opinion and did I mention the riddim was LOVELY?!!!


Papa Michigan - “Empress By My Side” [Rashanco Music]

'Empress By My Side'

Well respected veteran Papa Michigan (biggup Bredz) is getting a lot of looks these days and doing so primarily because of the tunes which build up his latest LP, ”Empress By My Side”. Michigan is someone who continues to work and work and build material (he actually had an album, ”Love Iz”, just back in late 2009) and the response to the work is usually pretty good actually. This time around is no different as the title track of the album is pretty popular. And while I haven’t gotten my hands on this one just yet, based on the clips, it should be pretty good and I’m looking forward to it. You can beat me to it and pick it up right now.

CD + Digital

Yami Bolo - ‘Bloody Coltan’ (single) [Gold Moor Sound]

Achis Reggae favourite and WICKED singer, Yami Bolo, is back with another big single for Gold Moor Sound, ‘Bloody Coltan’. Having already dealt with the subject of ‘Blood Diamonds’ for the same label back in 2008, the Kingston native is now singing about the controversial mineral which has cause so much violence and chaos in the Congo. Besides the obvious social impact and significance of such a tune - Yami Bolo is EXCELLENT and really you’d be hard-pressed to find him doing anything substandard and this tune is certainly no exception to that.


Ras Brando - ‘Earthly War’ [Tiger Records/Zojak Worldwide]

When I first started this . . . Thing - I got so many people asking me who I thought would be the ‘next big thing’ in Reggae music and my response was actually Ras Brando. And while OBVIOUSLY I was incorrect, the fiery chanter is back again with a brand new single for a label that I seem to write about every eight days or so, it’s Sherkhan and Tiger Records. What I did see in Brando - A really strong and forceful commitment and passion in what he was saying and an underrated lyrical talent - Is still well intact on this BIG tune (and track down a HUGE tune by the name of ‘Conquering Lion’ to hear more of it) and I just wish he could be a bit more active with his work. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have it, you will be also and biggup Sherkhan as usual.


No Doubt Records

And finally (because I’m tired of working on this thing and I have shit to do) - Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor, the best Reggae producer in the world and the master of the reissue, has opened his vaults for the 285th time to . . . Reissue something else, but this time it’s quite helpful. Besides a TON of EP’s and singles he’s also made his two most recent riddim releases, the Drop Dance and the Throwback, available on avenues besides his official website. So, you can now iTunes and Amazon them up (even though they’re probably a little cheaper for you on his site).


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