Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Tunes #51!

Sunday (Saturday writing this actually, but who cares). Really nice week. Really nice moment right now . . . Yeah. Can't think of anything else to say actually (that's a first isn't it). Songs this week from two regulars, including the greatest in the world and a new person with good taste. It's big tunes, let's go!

First up this week (and any other week in which she chooses to participate) is my lovely Wife who just got caught up in my madness over the last few days on something I'll certainly tell you more about tomorrow. It's 'Let's Go Somewhere' by Sizzla Kalonji. This tune (and a whole heap of others on this riddim) have been going nonstop on my players for quite awhile and apparently one (not named 'Can't Satisfy Her') FELL THROUGH! And now she can be found (completely ignoring me for making fun of her) singing this beautiful song for absolutely no reason. So biggup my Wife, excellent choice, as usual, and I'm not washing your dog, even though it is my turn (and by that, of course I mean that I AM washing the dog).

Next we have our good friend Youstice who WONDERFULLY dug in the crates (but not too far back) to come up with this all but forgotten gem of a tune. It's K-oss with a nice song from a few years back or so, 'Kingston Town' in the place. I think K-oss is still doing the work, but this tune, by far, was one of his best and I don't know what put it in Youstice's brain this week, but glad that whatever it is, it did and big him up everytime for sending it on.

And finally we have a new reader and a new participant (DUH!) here - It's Leclaire (a gentleman) from out of Guyane who says that he found us from the feature we did on Little Guerrier a couple of months back. He's making his presence known very early with a big tune (and he also mentioned that he's thinking about starting on his own blog/site so hopefully he does that so we can link him up), 'Babylon Buildings' from the most esteemed and most venerable Chris Combette. There's just something simmering with Guyane Reggae with the big label who doesn't seem to be too shy about spending money, so maybe we can hear some more big things from Combette, Guerrier, Prince Koloni and others in 2011 and hopefully Leclaire will help us stay up on it all.

I have, at this point, not the slightest of ideas of what I am going to post. What's actually #1 on my mind is something which I think that I've been talking about too damn much as of late, so I'm going to pick a different tune . . . But which tune. Hmmm. OH! Okay here's a preview of the next "Lyrics" feature. But don't think you know what it is because it has a twist (and watch it takes me a month to finish it anyway, so you'll forget about this by then anyway) it's Kartel with 'We Bad From' (over the Kasablanca Riddim which has to be one of the most underrated pieces of the modern era. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS!)

  • Absolutely no clue what I'm reviewing this week - So expect something either really early (like Takana Zion or Tiwony) or something from the Vault. Or maybe the Masanto Riddim
  • "What I'm Listening To Tomorrow"

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