Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming Soon Vol. 38 & Check It Vol. 27

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Ce'Cile - "Jamaicanization" [Kingstone Records/Zojak Worldwide]

Big big! Achis Reggae and Earth favourite, Bad Gyal Ce'Cile, is set to deliver what is probably her third or fourth album to date (anyone remember how much everyone was looking forward to her album and it took years and years (biggup Delicious Vinyl) (or don't), but then she put out five albums in about fifteen minutes?), "Jamaicanization" for Kingstone Records. I'm going to comfortably go out on the proverbial limb and already proclaim it her best work to date. Ce'Cile has been as impressive as just about anyone over the past couple of years in or around the Dancehall and one would assume that with such a title she's coming to do a signature and lasting (and perhaps ambitious project). To help things along just a bit, she’s also brought the wicked Million Stylez, lyrics king Assassin and, of course, Christopher Martin. Well looking forward to this one and check the already released first single, 'Singing This Song'.

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases on August 2
CD [I THINK] + Digital

Sizzla Kalonji - "Welcome To The Good Life" [Kalonji Records]

'Take Me'

I told you about this a few weeks back as its presence definitely came as a great surprise because the latest release from the legendary Sizzla Kalonji, "Welcome To The Good Life", follows his most recent album, "The Scriptures" by . . . Like a half an hour. Like its most immediate of predecessors, this release was quite sudden, but unlike that album, there isn't a great deal of talk about it. Why? As I've said in the past, Sizzla is my favourite artist of all time and everything, but having listened through copious amounts of clips for this one, I can very confidently tell you that "Welcome To The Good Life" is probably going to be a horrible album. It's kind of Hip-Hoppish (and HEAVY Hip-Hop), which shouldn't go too well and I'm not looking forward to it much at all. But, you can call me a hypocrite, because it is a Sizzla album, which means that I'll be picking up.

Potential Rating: 1.5/5
Releases in a few hours
CD + Digital

Perfect - "Back For The First Time" [Lustre Kings Productions/Zojak Worldwide]

'Hold On Buju'

Next up we have what is (by my assuredly incorrect count) his fourth (or fifth) such release to date - It's the brand new album from the most colourful, Perfect from out of St. Ann (!), "Back For The First Time". This well anticipated set comes courtesy of the boys at what is still my favourite US label, Lustre Kings Productions and, given their history, is probably a pretty solid choice here. Also featured is production from Tippy from I Grade Records. On paper, such a setup is very interesting for Perfect, because he's not (AT ALL) the straight forward chanter who might find a 'perfect' home on these HEAVY compositions, but just listening through it briefly, it appears as if his massive bag of idiosyncrasies has once again allowed him to deliver a real winner.

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases in a few hours
CD [I THINK] + Digital

{Note: I may review this one on Friday} {Note 2: Tune name ‘HIM Smile’ is divine!}

Warrior King - "Tell Me How Mi Sound" [Tad's Records]


The once mighty Warrior King is back with his fourth (I’m sure of that) (perhaps "sure" isn't the greatest word here) album for the masses and while I’m not going to proclaim (or expect) this one, "Tell Mi How Mi Sound", to become his opus (that distinction, of course, belongs to his borderline 'modern classic' debut set, "Virtuous Woman"), I am expecting pretty big things from it. The album is produced by the venerable Colin 'Bulby' York and features an all-star cast of musicians as well. Most interestingly in the news that I’ve read is that both legends, Beres Hammond & Barrington Levy, are going to join WK on the project and should he manage to capture his form from a few years back, we may very well be looking at one of 2011’s best here.

Potential Rating: 4.5/5
Releases in August
CD [I THINK] + Digital

Sanchez - "Love You More" [VP Records]

I mentioned this one what seems like a year ago as coming soon (it's literally been visually 'available' for about four months now) - the most esteemed Sanchez returns for his 497th album, "Love You More". Following a stretch where he didn’t release an album for several years, the singer is now releasing albums in consecutive years as this album follows 2010's "Now & Forever". Here, we should probably expect a very healthy dosage of 'typical' Sanchez, which is full of remakes and just classy and well done material. And I will say that I am slightly more looking forward to this one these days, so I'll probably check it out.

Potential Rating: 3.5/5
Releases on August 9
CD + Digital

Diana Rutherford - "Ghetto Princess" [Tiger Records]

Achis Reggae favourite, Sherkhan & Tiger Records, are back at work with a project which I’m sure is their most prized to date as stepping up is 'The Tigress', Diana Rutherford, with her debut album, "Ghetto Princess" (is the fact that we have two albums from females this week not OUTSTANDING???), for the label. The album, at least in my opinion, is going to not only serve as a wonderful introduction (for many) to Rutherford's extremely powerful voice, but she also demonstrates quite the lyrical skill as well and manages to impress, probably most so, on that end with SIGNIFICANT tracks throughout an album which is certain to require multiple spins to truly take in.

Potential Rating: 4.25/5
Releases Soon
CD + Digital

"We Remember Gregory Isaacs" [VP Records]

Interesting! Earlier this year, VP Records released an album by the name of "Our Favourite Beres Hammond Songs" which featured a wide variety of performers from multiple generations covering the tunes of the legendary crooner and apparently that worked out quite well for them as, about three and a half months later, they’re doing it again.

This time around the subject is the incomparable Gregory Isaacs who transitioned just last year and VP assembles another impressive group of vocalists to pay homage to the 'Cool Ruler' on "We Remember Gregory Isaacs". Less surprising than it was the first time, but still no less . . . ODD is the fact that Busy Signal once again manages to make his way onto the project, with a respectable version of 'Hard Drugs'. But the FITTING star power here comes from the likes of Tarrus Riley, Jah Cure, Etana, J-Boog and Duane Stevenson. The answer to the big question, who does 'Nite Nurse' (?), couldn’t be better selected as Romain Virgo does the honours. I would DEFINITELY suggest taking a very close look at this one because some of these tunes sound EXCELLENT (like Alaine on 'Tune In').

And were that not enough (and it was), the project also features a second disc (I'm assuming, unless they crammed thirty-two songs on one CD), which features none other than Dean Fraser atop the instrumentals for the classic tunes with his just as classic saxophone, on a tribute befitting a KING!

Potential Rating: 5/5
Releases on August 16

CD + Digital

Dread & Alive’s'"The Lost Tapes Vol. 7" [Soul of The Lion]

Apparently Dread & Alive and Soul of The Lion (biggup yourself Josh) (we might be talking about you in a couple of days Josh) buy into the old adage idle hands being a terrible thing because once again they're at work with yet another installment, the 7th, of their very interesting "The Lost Tapes" series. This set follows the sixth edition (DUH!) which reached about twenty minutes ago by count and, again, it pretty much maintains the direction in which the compilations have been going to date. How so? Check in at only six tracks - Making appearances on "TLT7" are Ken Bob, the aforementioned Perfect, Dub Down, Fear Nuttin Band w/Bushman, Alerta Kamarada (who I’ve never heard of and is from Colombia) and Hawaiian Reggae diva and former Morgans protégé, Irie Love. The series most interesting musical quality (not to mention the fact that it also runs alongside a comic book which is almost 'over-interesting' on its own) has always been its extreme inclination to voice a very wide variety of names and that obviously has not stopped on #7.

Potential Rating: 4/5
Releases on August 9


"Reggae's Gone Country" [VP Records]

'The Gambler' by Busy Signal

What the hell? Besides dealing with Sanchez and Gregory Isaacs tributes in August, VP [along with Warner Music Nashville] is also taking a very curious step in the direction of Country Music (of all things) and once again they’re taking a BIG lineup with them. There’s, again, Busy Signal who has a recent history of being very musically open minded and he’s joined by Beres Hammond, Freddie McGregor, Etana, Tarrus Riley (twice), Luciano, Sanchez, Tessanne Chin and others who get together for "Reggae’s Gone Country". The album features big Reggae artists covering (I guess) well known Country tunes (the only song here I've ever heard of is 'The Gambler'). Noticeably missing are both Lady Saw and Bushman who've historically shown interest in the genre. This surely isn't for me, but I'm damn interested in seeing the response so let us know what you think.

Releases on August 30
CD + Digital

'Rub-A-Dub Soldiers' by Ky-Mani Marley, Protoje & Da Professor (single) [Don Corleon Records]

Don Corleon and company keep it Dubby following the release of the mighty "Don Corleon Presents Dub In HD" in June with 'Rub-A-Dub Soldiers', the official releasing of a dubbed out tune linking together three big names and familiar faces for the producer, Ky-Mani Marley, Da Professor and his cousin, Protoje. The song is an excellent one and has created a nice buzz from since it dropped and it figures to continue to do so definitely.

Releases on July 26

Gentleman - "Diversity" [VP Records]

And lastly is an album with which we're all very familiar, "Diversity", the 2010 offering from German Reggae superstar, Gentleman. The artist linked with VP Records to internationalize the album and although it's taken considerably longer than I expected, the project is set to release in September now. The most interesting thing about this one is HOW, exactly, will it come, given the fact that the original had both a 'regular' and a 'deluxe' version - This edition has fourteen tracks (which is probably as many as the original should've had), including some of the biggest tunes and combinations with the likes of Tanya Stephens, Christopher Martin and the late and great Sugar Minott.

Releases on September 13
CD + Digital

In Stores Now
'Beautiful Reggae Remix' by Stevy Mahy [BCaribbean]

Okay so, DEFINITELY I've had my eyes and ears on this tune from since we first heard it, maybe a couple of months back or so. Here we have a Reggae-fied remix of one of the greatest songs of 2010, 'Beautiful' by Achis Reggae favourite, Stevy Mahy! If I've read correctly, the mix is by Dave Kynner & Akaz Entertainment (who have worked with Tiken Jah Fakoly) and it is GORGEOUS! It also features American singer Bradley Hill (I don't how that all came together) and is impressive. I just LOVE this song and giving it a Reggae rinse is a reason to love it even more for me - If such a thing is even possible.


Vybz Kartel - "Kingston Story" [Mixpak Records]

Vybz Kartel has a new album. "Kingston Story" is the . . . Sixth (I think) studio album from the DJ (eighth if you count expansions) and I don't know how to categorize it amongst its 'siblings', but who cares what I think. The album is produced by a Dre Skull who, I believe, is from New York and, as you might imagine, he provides Kartel with a fairly VARIED set going through Hip-Hop and Dancehall and a little Pop even - Obviously trying to make it as musically accessible as possible. I'm not the biggest of Kartel's fans these days, but I will say that much of the response for the project that I've seen thus far, has been pretty positive so give it a shot (it is on Juno I think) and let us know what you think.


The Bad Acid Riddim [Di Genius Productions]

Bad Acid Riddim Mix

You won't find Kartel on the Bad Acid Riddim, but you will find a lot to like, as usual, on the latest creation of Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor. You'll also find 100% GENUINE DANCEHALL MUSIC, which is always a nice think and has, WONDERFULLY become a staple of Di Genius' last few creations. This thing si BEAUTIFUL (!) and it exists in a few different types, which is always fun on the albums. Who's on it? The usual suspects abound. Ele, Bramma, Mavado, Aidonia (with 'Bad Pickney', one of his best offerings in quite some time to my opinion), Chino, Laden and the unstoppable Busy Signal (twice) all take turns on the Bad Acid, as does my favourite, obviously, Agent Sasco with a few other impressive lights such as Mr. Easy and the increasingly prolific Singing Sweet. EXCELLENT!


Kashief Lindo - "Outtake" [Heavy Beat Records/Zojak Worldwide]

Kashief Lindo is someone who I always tell myself that I want to listen to more and more and despite the fact that he’s so ACTIVE, I never really give myself that opportunity so when I saw that he had a new album, I once again had the thoughts of maybe I should give it a spin and maybe a review. "Outtake" (which I'm dying to put an S on the end of every time I type it) is new, but it kind of isn't because reportedly what it is, is an album full of material that never made it to Lindo's previous works, which, makes this, presumably, an album at least largely (and maybe completely full of tunes that haven't been heard before. Lindo has a very nice group of very passionate fans to whom that'll be big news so maybe I join them after I take a listen (and I will!).

CD + Digital

"Vibes & Tides (Set One)" [The Mango Seed]

I mentioned awhile back (it was actually a late addition and I wrote it maybe five minutes ago) for "The Lost Tapes" - It being a compilation which made its mark based on the wide variety of performers it pulled together - and here we have another. The Mango Seed is a new and up and coming label which is also doing the work of serving up big vibes from an obese group of sources. That becomes crystal clear on the delivery of its first compilation release, "Vibes & Tides", which is obviously set to be the first of an extended series (thus the "set one") and if the first stop is any indication (and it is), we're looking at something pretty big. Reaching here with big tunes are Jah Cure, Sizzla Kalonji (w/Fame), Tanya Stephens & Maxi Priest (both alongside Taddy P on different tracks), The Itals [Hey Susan!], Everton Blender, Bescenta, Courtney John and others (like Spanner Banner, whose 'Give Thanx' may be one of the most underrated tunes from an already most underrated singer). The tracks are new and old and have producers of all types, but there is a uniformity in here somewhere, making it a damn impressive sixteen track effort and pure digital work here - If you enjoy Reggae music, there is SOMETHING here which you will enjoy - So pick and choose, but you may just find yourself liking the entire set.


[Hey Heather!]
[Hope you feel better!]

The Opus Riddim [Eclectic Music]

Big work here. The Rise & Shine Band is behind an EXCELLENT new composition which caught our ears recently, the Opus Riddim and its LARGE sound and big vibes. This is just CRISP production from the French based band and they've managed to 'decorate' it with a big lineup of artists. Jah Mason and Lutan Fyah provide the star power on the piece which also features a favourite of ours, WICKED chanter from out of Montserrat, Jah Marnyah, Anthony John, Frenchy Lord Bitum, Dutchy Leah Rosier, Bahamian Ricardo Clarke and more! For straight forward Roots music, it's probably one of the year's best creations, so definitely check it out.


The Madd Referee Riddim [Pure Music Productions]

Madd Referee Riddim Mix

Big respect goes to . . . Whoever managed to capture the Women’s World Cup (it's yet to be decided as I'm writing this) on Sunday and (not as) big respect also goes to Delly Ranx for the latest drop from himself and his Pure Music imprint - the Madd Referee Riddim. The label has also pushed out some genuine Dancehall music and that's the same row this latest piece falls in and it's also just a FUN time and a pretty easy track which makes it all the more 'comforting' and possible for people like Cush Hunta, Teflon, Macka Diamond, Esco and, of course, Delly himself, to impress on.


{Note: As frustratingly usual - Delly has taken one of the riddim’s most interesting tracks on his riddim, ‘Thunder Roll’ by himself & Buju - and chosen not to include it on the full digital release. You have to get it separately and it comes with a clean riddim version which is also absent from the full set}
{Note 2: Delly - What the fuck?}

{Note 3: Apparently Japan won! So big them up}

{Note 4: “I was there when it happennnnnnn”}

{Note 5: Biggup Gappy who is oddly absent on this release . . . But he did voice it}

The 2wix Riddim [Genesiz Productions]

'We Love Music' by Swé

GREAT! Genesiz has released a new riddim that means that there’s a new tune the wicked from space talented Saïk, right? WRONG! While the lyrical demon from out of Gwada is absent on the creation credited to the crew of which (I THINK) he is still a member (but maybe not), that doesn't completely make the 2wix Riddim a lost cause (and I believe the riddim is built by Phantom X). The riddim itself, is KNOCKING! It's almost certainly based on an older one (which I can’t get in my brain for some reason) (the MOST frustrating part of this thing is ALWAYS trying to come up with old riddim names) and they've done an EXCELLENT job with it. 'Spicing' up the already spicy piece is SamX (thankfully) (with Kellington), Mighty Kalimba, Wyckyd J, Prof.A & Kalash, Tiwony with Speedy and MC Janik. Still, taking top honours on the riddim, to my opinion is Swé (who I have heard of, but thought was a rapper), with 'We Love Music' which is just DAMAGING!

Digital [Maybe CD]

"Ti'moun Solèy Vol. 1" [Don Jalys Productions]

'Brand New Day' by Naye

Don Jalys Productions is also tossing its proverbial hat into the proverbial ring of compilations with a release the first edition of a project which I'd meant to work in on a few different occasions before we left, "Ti'moun Solèy" ["children of the sun"]. Interestingly, instead of making your basic riddim album and naming it after that riddim (like the Bad Acid Riddim, the Opus etc.], Don Jalys has, instead, made their riddim album for the Haitian Riddim into the start of their new series. This riddim is kind of electric, which normally isn't my taste, but something here caught my attention (I'm listening to it again and it's very Zouk-ish). Maybe it was Tiwony, Prof.A, Mighty Kalimba, Aka Koxx, Féfé Typikal or CUTIE with the cool name, Princess Nayah, all of whom make the Haitian Riddim their home long enough to mash it up.

CD + Digital

"Carib Music Soca Carnival" [Carib Music Group/KGM Entertainment Inc.]

'Outrageous Wine' by Nicole David

Next we have a pretty interesting release in "Carib Music Soca Carnival", as it appears to be just a random (OFFICIAL) Soca compilation from a variety of different producers of not the biggest names the genre has to offer. Such a thing, presumably, could do very big things for a lot of up and comers and lesser known lights. The biggest three names here are probably Shelly G (hey Shelly!), Nicole David and Ravi B. But there's also material from Tejay, Vanilla, Maffie and even Fojo, so that let's you know what levels we're dealing with. I really hope something like this is successful because, despite (or maybe even INCLUDING) its randomness, something like this could really help the genre, so biggup Carib Music Group.


"Dis Soca Baddy" [Faluma]

'We born To Wine' by Alison Hinds

'Last Man Standing' by Paula Dion

In terms of releasing a large QUANTITY of the music they produce, I have to say that, even INCLUDING Trinidad, Barbados is the champion when it comes to Soca music. You'll rarely have a big tune NOT make it to some type of official release and that's the case because of releases like such. "Dis Soca Baddy" is a double album with THIRTY-SEVEN tunes in and around Crop Over 2011, from some of the biggest names in (and around) Bajan Soca. Alison Hinds, Peter Ram, Blood, Contone and others lead the pack with others like Jamesy P and Adrian Dutchin. ALSO, one of my favourite tunes of the year, the cool and UPPED 'Last Man Standing' by Paula Dion is also here (as is everything else in the world, apparently).


'In Meh System' featuring NZH by Jalena (single) [Slaughter Arts Media]

Speaking of Soca favourites - This song is a couple of years old (maybe even three years), but I was really happy to see the remix of 'In Meh System' by Jalena with NZH to be digitally available these days and for more than one reason. First of all, the song Is WICKED, it's an infectious and hard to rid one's brain of type of a tune, so it should be out there. But also, its creator, Slaughter Arts, moving into the digital realm is just a BIG deal. Should they choose to crack open their vault (which includes the full Soca Bluetooth), that’s something you DEFINITELY want to pay attention to and biggup Jalena.


'Rèspèkté-w (remix)' featuring Kennenga, Admiral T, Misié Sadik, Riddla by Daly (single) [Hitmaker Mizik]

Biggup Daly who has apparently caught himself a hit with the first single from his forthcoming album, "Dalycious" - 'Rèspèkté-w'. Besides releasing the track in its original form and shooting a very nice video for it, he’s also remixed the track with a few big names as Misié Sadik, Riddla and Kennenga join the mighty Admiral T in helping Daly make his point even salient and BIG.


'Put JAH First' by Askala Selassie (single) [Bizzarri Records]

And lastly (for you - I have to go back and add something else) is a new tune courtesy of our old friends at Bizzarri Records. Veteran Askala Selassie serves up one of the (if not THE) finest selections I've ever heard her do, 'Put JAH First'. It's an excellent track and apparently it's part of something bigger - as you can see, the cover says "EP", so let's hope that they place out a few tracks in a similar style, because this is BIG (and keep an eye on Bizzarri because they, most randomly, just like to give stuff away for free, even if they're selling it also).



  1. Wow, Im exhausted at all these releases Achis. At first glance, Looking forward to Gentleman, Warrior King, CeCile albums and the compilations Dread&Alive, Vibes&Tides. Sizzla, another album already? I love the tribute to Gregory cover.. awesome. So much Achis to digest in Random Monday's