Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breaking News: Shelly G Is Sexy!

As you might imagine, we've gotten A LOT of nice things over the past couple of weeks away and definitely biggup my readers and the 'industry people', who like to send us stuff (like full blown albums). One of the nicest, on so many levels, came from Achis Reggae favourite, Shelly G who said that she wasn't too pleased with the pic we used for her entry on The 20 Sexiest Caribbean Artists 2011 list - So, WONDERFULLY, she decided to send us like a billion others (between like 8 emails, there were maybe . . . 20-25 photos) (maybe a little more even), so we've decided to share some of them with you! Or to just make them look nice on a page, so we can always look back ourselves - Either excu . . . , reason, shall suffice.

Shelly please don't look at me like that - I have . . . stuff to do I think
What day was today again???

Shelly G as "Rapunzel" - Coming soon!

This is a bad picture - too bright - but I just cannot stop looking at it. She looks amazing

This one struck me as being a little different from the rest for some reason
Obviously change is good

'Action' hair - Hmmmm

Shelly G w/world's luckiest lolly

So when you buy the rug, does it come with the matching Shelly G???

This is actually my favourite picture of Shelly G EVER. She didn't send it, we found it before the list and would have used it had Bredz been sharper with the editing out of the background. Obviously that doesn't bother me these days. As I've told you before - Shelly G you are one SEXY HUMAN BEING!

And if you don't know who Shelly G is, she's not just some random person who has managed to catch my eye for some reason (biggup Lenora Crichlow), she's actually an artist and a fine one at that. In 2009 she captured the Soca Monarch crown in her native, Guyana and she makes, primarily, an infectious type of Groovy Soca, but she's also dealt with a bit of R&B, Pop and healthy amounts of Reggae music as well.

'All A Dat'

She's also very physically attractive (DUH!) and she's not at all shy about expressing it and if I looked like that, I wouldn't be either. And she's always been very nice to us, so we big her up every time, until it hurts.

Currently, Shelly G has three albums which you can buy RIGHT NOW (you don't even have to get off of your ass to do it) and you can learn and here more at her website -

"Just A Text", "Work It" & "Socadisiac"

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