Saturday, July 23, 2011

Completely Random Thoughts 37: Yeah . . . Uhmm

There will be very little of that today

No! This is not my last post for a month and we will, presumably, be back with you until Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on when I feel like writing this next review) (which I'll tell you about a little later). Today, however, I thought that we'd randomize things again, because I have a bit of . . . Ultimately useless bullshit on my mind.

First of all we biggup Ricky T who would subsequently go on to take the Road in St. Lucia as well, after capturing Soca Monarch last weekend, with his (obviously bigger than I gave it credit for) tune, 'Mad Ting'. Still, at least for me, the highlight of St. Lucia Carnival Season 2011 came in the form of Sir Lancelot's completely ridiculous 'Soca Riot' and definitely biggup THE MAN for finding a link for it on (FINALLY) and taking care of that (HOPEFULLY he did that too) - "It" of course is the performance of the song at the same Soca Monarch competition.

'Soca Riot' by Sir Lancelot @ St. Lucia Soca Monarch 2011

For me, this is a special performance! The thing about the tune is to combine water and powder and you get an audience doing that (some of whom are participating despite not being anywhere near the damn stage) - Throwing powder on everyone (even kids!) and you've done something special. As I said, however, Ricky T need not have a GREAT (or the best) tune to take Soca Monarch and apparently that's true for the Road this year, also. I can't imagine Lancelot will take the riot to a qualifying stage in Trinidad in 2012, but CAN YOU IMAGINE if he did and it actually got a reaction??? That would be an insanity to not be missed.

Next - Some stuff I’ve been watching lately.


First is this film, "Wilderness", which is a few years old now, but still for one reason. As you can see, the tag line is "There Is Something More Evil Than Evil Itself" - which means that the movie is awful - And it is. It's terrible. HOWEVER! It does feature Achis Reggae favourite Lenora Crichlow - pre "Being Human". She looks fantastic throughout the bullshit and at the end of the movie (unlike just about everyone else), she's still alive.

I like when they caption themselves

Speaking of "Being Human"! While I'm still waiting (and will continue to wait for the rest of the year (which isn't a very long time)) for the next season of that program, I do not have to wait at all to go through a very cool gift given to us by Bredz [aka "THE MAN"] from a few of weeks back - "True Blood". He gave us three seasons of this thing and I think I've watched almost the whole of the first two in about three days. It is WONDERFUL! It's a comedy, I guess, but there're werewolves and vampires (like "Being Human") (I've yet to find any ghosts, however) and other stuff and it's pretty brutal also. But it's hilarious and it is now apparently into it's fourth season now, which hopefully I can catch up with pretty soon, because what I've seen thus far is fantastic. So check it out if you have nothing better to do (and clearly you do not if you're reading all of this rubbish).


Also, I FINALLY got a copy of the greatest movie I ever saw in school (and there were probably dozens) (I was in school for several hundreds of years). "Siddhartha". It's a lovely film and a classic!

I think that's it! I did want to do some music stuff, but I think I'm going to do some of that tomorrow, when I tell you "What I’m Listening To".

"7 Year Itch" by Protoje

Oh! Biggup Sara Lugo, who we talked to a few times this week. Definitely check her new single 'Locked Away' and, of course, her wonderful album, "What About Love". Apparently she passed our name onto to someone else also because Protoje also, surprisingly, linked us, and said that our review of his debut album, "7 Year Itch" was the most "in-depth" that he'd seen to date. It seems like several billions of years ago that I wrote that thing, but biggup Protoje for the nice words and definitely check out that album.

And, again, biggup the Japanese Women for taking the 2011 World Cup. I've now seen quite a few of their games and they were outstanding.

Here’s our most tentative schedule for the next few days:
Tomorrow - “What I’m Listening To” [We will continue doing "Big Tunes" when we return from the break]
Monday - Fun with Ce’Cile
Tuesday - More fun with Ce’Cile [album review]
Wednesday - STUFF!


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  2. can't stand true blood. breaking bad is where it's at. dealing with pure evil (meth) and redemption (at some point). siddhartha is something special (the book). I like it as much as the tao te ching, walden & the golden present.

  3. True Blood is hilarious Cassa! But thanks for the rec. We looked it up and it's described as 'Dark Comedy', which is what I like, so we'll check it out yeah.