Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Album from Jalena!: "In The Music"

"In The Music" by Jalena

1. 'Slow Wine' featuring Dennis Da Mennis
2.'Something In The Music'
3. 'Waist'
4. 'Rester Avec Moi' ['Stay With Me']
5. 'Come Baby'
6. 'In Meh System' [Remix] featuring NZH
7. 'Dem Man Dey' featuring Daria
8. 'Make Up Sex [Remix] featuring Dale Saunders

Okay so, apparently the world, the stars, the celestial powers that be and all of that shit don't actually want us to have a break, even though we tirelessly work our asses off, so people who we really enjoy continue to do wonderful things before we leave and I simply MUST tell you about it. Earlier today we told you about a very very random new album from Lutan Fyah, which is turning out to be very good actually, tomorrow it's a VERY familiar face (which means our last post for a month is now on Friday) and now it's the most wonderful and delightful Soca trailblazer and Achis Reggae favourite, Jalena, with a big new album/EP, "In The Music". This release follows her very well received debut set from last year (which seems like I reviewed it just yesterday because I listen to pieces of that album almost every morning when I work out), "The Jam Sessions", and it's very much on the same vibes, but with a few twists and turns in its brevity.

'Slow Wine' featuring Dennis De Mennis

The first thing I noticed on the tracklist was the fact that now included is the damn hypnotic remix of probably my favourite Jalena tune, 'In Meh System', alongside NZH, which actually popped up on a digital single release about a month ago from Slaughter Arts (but if you are going to buy it, you should buy it from her album) - Although I do still favour the original, the remix is BIG and always has been. Other combinations include the remix for 'Make Up Sex', along with the tune's originator, Dale Saunders, the well traveled 'Slow Wine' with Dennis De Mennis, which is an excellent song (and is also available on his album from last year "Paranormal", which was a REALLY fun album) and 'Dem Man Dey', a fun track with an apparently good friend of Jalena's, oft-collaborator Daria.

'Something In The Music'

Not too surprisingly, however, I'm still more interested in the solo tracks (although the combinations are really really good) on "In The Music", all of which are very good. First the title track, 'Something In The Music', which reached just earlier this month I believe. This tune is SLEEK and smooth kind of groovy Soca/Pop - pretty much quintessential Jalena and it's terribly infectious and well on the way to being my Daughter's new favourite tune. Next is 'Waist', a tune that is slightly more uptempo than most of its 'neighbours', but no less catchy at all (that sentence didn't really make any sense, none at all, but I'm going to leave it in anyway) and is definitely a tune aimed at the dance floor. Then things get interesting with 'Rester Avec Moi'! This song is a very colourful Zouk song and, as I said in reviewing the first album, Zouk is WELL within Jalena's reach. It's not even a stretch for her and of what she's done to date, there're clearly Zouk-ish overtones and undertones within, but I believe that this would be the first even remotely direct musical acknowledgement of that from her to date. It is in English (maybe she'll do a French version???) outside of the chorus, but it is sexy, it's smooth and a most interesting twist to not only this release, but from Jalena altogether. My absolute favourite tune on the album, however, just barely beating the title track and a couple of others, is the downright DRUGGISH 'Come Baby'. That song is just CRACK for your ears. That's it. That's all I have to say.

'Come Baby'

The album is only eight tracks, but she could've easily crawled it up to twelve or so (we'd like to thank Jalena for not doing that, however, because if she did, I would have HAD to write a full review for it) with the inclusion of BIG tunes such as the wonderful, 'Don't You Forget Me'. Oh well, if she's up for doing one of these every year, I suppose it'll pop up fairly soon and if she does actually manage to put out an album every year - You won't hear the slightest of complaints from us.

"The Jam Sessions" - 2010

The physical album is currently available on (they have a lot of nice stuff if you haven't checked them out) and you can also buy the digital there, as well as on iTunes. So definitely check out "In The Music", the latest offering from the delightful Jalena. We actually got a message from her last year and she seems to be a very nice person as well and apparently she also really dislikes wearing clothes and there's nothing wrong with that (I can't speak for you, but I was born nude). So big her up and pick up her new album today. Right now-ish.

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