Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coming Soon & Check It: The Catch Up #1

Yeah. We're back. We're not staying around too long, just a few days, but long enough to catch up just a bit. Didn't want too much stuff to talk about now so we come back swinging, but definitely nice things are afoot (I love that word). None ever nicer than the music itself, so here's what's going on.

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Coming Soon
"Life Teachings" by I Wayne [VP Records]

First up [hey everybody!] is probably the second biggest solo name you'll find on this post today (after the Queen at the end, of course) as the once flaming I Wayne is set to deliver only his third studio album for VP Records, "Life Teachings". I sit and think about what the still hugely talented singer used to be looked upon as and I really didn't think it would turn out for him like this. He kind of falls into a group of names which we figured would be the next dominant names in Roots Reggae music in Jamaica, but were ultimately leapt ahead of by Tarrus Riley, Etana and the likes. Still, he should be dependable to drop an interesting set. I have actually heard this album, in its entirety and I'm not going to tell you what I think about it, but let's just say it isn't surprising, nor a great deviation for the Portmore native. The aforementioned newly minted Princess of Penthouse does make an appearance on an album which has me wondering exactly how much people are really looking forward to it (which is pretty good I think).

Releases on October 11
CD + Digital

"Backyard Boogie" by J-Boog [INGROOVES]

'Let's Do It Again' - Surely you are evil if you don't enjoy this tune

There's no question of anticipation in the case of the latest amazing Hawaiian Reggae export, J Boog, who has his sophomore "Backyard Boogie" set and ready to drop later this month. I WANT THIS ALBUM. Over the last year or so, Boog has definitely endeared himself to the Reggae community through some serious consistency and he's also managed to shine an even brighter light on the Hawaiian scene which we hope to speak a little more about later on in this post. Of course the big tune, the MASSIVE Don Corleon produced 'Let's Do It Again', is on board as are star peers Peetah Morgan, Million Stylez and the aforementioned Tarrus Riley. I have a really good feeling about this one doing big things in terms of commercially and quality - So definitely check it out.

Releases on September 27
CD + Digital

“Holdin A Vibe” by Jah Nyne [Goldcup Records]

'Shoulder To The Wheel'

When we first started looking for pieces to fill up this post (of course we linked Aaron from Zojak), we didn’t get very far at all before something really nice caught Bredz' eye. Achis Reggae favourite, Jah Nyne, a WICKED singing chanter from out of the Bahamas, has its debut album, "Holdin A Vibe" coming TOMORROW! The album, FINALLY, comes via the same Italy based Goldcup Records for whom the artist has done quite a bit of work and I'm definitely WAITING ("for my babeeeeee", biggup Ce'Cile) to dig my paws into this one. You will almost surely get a review for this one before we’re gone again.

Releases on Tomorrow
CD [I THINK] + Digital

"Most Wanted: Glen Washington" [Greensleeves Records]

'Kindness For Weakness'

Perfect placement. J Boog, rightfully so, is often compared to SWEET singing Jamaican veteran, Glen Washington and both are checking in later this month with releases. In the case of the later, he becomes the latest choice to enjoy a release in Greensleeves' increasingly useful "Most Wanted" series and I don't think that music shelves are brimming with 'greatest hits' styled sets from Washington and this will definitely be a welcome addition. Appearing are very familiar pieces such as 'Viper', 'One of These Days', 'Free Up The Vibes' and my personal favourite, 'Kindness For Weakness' (and hopefully we can get a new album from Mr. Washington next year).

Releases on September 6
CD + Digital

"The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2011" [Greensleeves Records]

After taking off 2010 (I THINK), another of Greensleeves' fine series is set for a return as "The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems" comes thumping into 2011 with pretty much everything you would expect from it. How so? Within its fifteen tracks, you'll find . . . What you thought you would - Kartel, Mavado, Assassin and Chino all appear on multiple tracks and rounding out the roster is Bounty Killer, Chan Dizzy, I-Octane and the one big surprise, Queen Ifrica with the outstanding 'Pot Still Haffi Bubble' from a few months back. It appears as if there's no DVD or mix double CD this time around and that’s fine on this decent Dancehall set.

Releases on September 6
CD + Digital

The PassOver Riddim [Jah Light Records]

Never one to let things simmer for too long, back again is arguably the most dependable Reggae label from out of Trinidad, Jah Light Records, with a LOVELY new release, the serene PassOver Riddim. When I first vibed this track (just a couple of hours ago) I was just taken by how laid back and cool it was and riddims like that, historically, are fairly easy to ride and while they may not ultimately attract such a great deal of attention in many cases unfairly (which is why I'm talking about it now), they're definitely high on the quality and the Passover definitely falls in line with that as well. Certainly it helps someone exercised quite a bit of common sense and FINALLY linked Jah Light with the greatest thing to ever happen to Trinidad Reggae, in my opinion, the supremely talented Queen Omega. Her tune, the title track, leads a mighty line up of tracks which also includes solid efforts from the very impressive Fyakin, Zebulun alongside King Solomon, Revelation (check the spelling - Not RevAlation), Danijamental and even Wildlife. Check it out when it releases soon.

Releases on September 12

"Family Wise" by Fyah T & The Next Generation Family [Family Music]

Someone sent us this album, I should probably get it from Bredz and have a listen, and I didn't know who Fyah T was (heavy brain-lock) until I thought about it, he's the same German vocalist who we ran into on at least a couple of riddims from Oneness over the last year or so and he has a new album along with The Next Generation Family - "Family Wise". Fyah is a kind of an 'agitated' chanter - Lot of fire - and apparently he's gathered a pretty big fan base to support his album. Listening through the clips I did hear a few nice tunes that might warrant (will warrant) a more in-depth spin (especially a tune name 'Rotation' and 'Another Day'). Still not interested? Maybe THE Fyah, Lutan Fyah and Jah Mason can help, they both appear on the set.

Releases on Tomorrow
CD [I THINK] + Digital

"Dub I A Dub Jamaica" by Iyunda [Ranks Productions]

One of the more interesting debut albums of 2011 is coming momentarily. "Dub I A Dub Jamaica" comes from an artist in Iyunda who deals in a sterlingly modernized version of Dub Poetry and he’s afforded, on this release by Ranks Productions, everything he might need to serve up a much needed kick in the ass of the essentially dilapidated subgenre. Veterans Gyptian, Lukie D and even Capleton (on the HUGE 'Dem A Wicked') should help him grab attention - but ignore this one at your own risk.

Releases on Tomorrow
CD [I THINK] + Digital

"Hold Up Saison 2" [Gwada Indépendenda Recordz]

I’m sure there had to be a saison 1, but I don't remember it - Still most interesting is this morbidly obese set, "Hold Up Saison 2" because it features a very large group of local acts from out of Gwada, some of whom are familiar and some of whom are, perhaps, on their way to becoming familiar. Names like Tiwony, Saïk, Sam X, Krys, Colonel Reyel, Ocsen and even LADY SWEETY should peak your interest and you'll also get doses from up and comers and lesser knowns such as Big Jay, Sista, Princess Melody, Ras Mosahia and the WICKED Oliver Stone. Within THIRTY-NINE tracks, you're almost certain to find something interesting here.

Releases on September 10

'Give Love' by Wendy Wonder (single) [SJP Records]

Cutie (look her up, that's not a good picture) Wendy Wonder from out of Denmark via Kenya has a new single (hopefully ahead of an album) from the SJP Records who gave us one of the best EP's of the last few years, "Africa Is Our Home" by Jah Turban (2010) - 'Give Love'. The song is a lovely vibes with a just as potently vivid message and definitely keep an eye and an ear out for Wonder's vibes in the future.

Releases on September 9

"Soca Gold: The Ultimate Collection" [VP Records]

FINALLY coming soon this week is a title which I mentioned previously as VP Records essentially gives us a greatest hits for one of their greatest series (it's actually probably their absolute greatest in my opinion, with "StB" being a close second) in the three disc monster that is "Soca Gold: The Ultimate Collection". It's not being delayed, it's coming and it's just a cool idea in my opinion! . . . Pretty pointless to name names, but I will tell you that currently doing damage in the area of my brain is 'Display' by the incomparable Fay-Ann Lyons (which won her the Road). Big things.

Releases on September 6
CD + Digital [you don’t want this on Digital - Get the disc]

In Stores Now
"Perle L'Amazone" by Perle Lama [Perle Lama]

'You & Me' w/Saël

I'm a bit behind on this one but it's better later than never. One of Zouk's greatest lights, the fantastic Perle Lama from out of 'Nina is back with her latest big album, "Perle L'Amazone". I don't speak about her nearly enough (nor the entire genre, for that matter), but I do certainly enjoy Lama's music and when I finally saw that she had a new album, it was a big deal. All the bigger was the fact that she enlists Achis Reggae favourite, Saël, to help things along on the favourite for Zouk Album of 2011.

CD + Digital

"Gimmie Di Bass" by Taddy P [Bass In Yu Face]

An unholy amount of bass in faces around the world is up next because the oft-mentioned Taddy P (hey Heather!) recently dropped his latest album (his second, I believe), "Gimmie Di Bass", which features the bassman backing some of the biggest and most interesting names the genre has to offer. Superstar Shaggy, Tanya Stephens, Bunny Rugs and Maxi Priest (and I guess that was Taddy P on stage with him when Maxi Priest mashed up Regatt, in retrospect) are just some of names signed up for the album. Listening to the clips, this one is sure to appeal to a more varied group of fans than just Reggae heads (dare I use the horrible 'world music' category), so definitely check this one out if you're open in more directions than the standard one-drop, or if you’re looking a mighty fine bit of musicianship and COLOUR in your collection.


"Raw Soul" by Lenn Hammond [DP&B Entertainment/TRU Musik/Zojak Worldwide]

Curiously enough, Lenn Hammond's "Raw Soul" is probably one of the most anticipated albums of 2011. Yep! No exaggeration at all. I have heard SO MUCH about this album, I feel like it’s been released about ten times already - In the end, you'll notice that the same package of labels which delivered the mighty "Skyfiya" album from the Uprising Roots Band also worked their magic here (hopefully they'll do the same for Elijah Prophet pretty soon also). Why have so many people been so feverishly looking forward to this album . . . I don’t know! I'm not the biggest fan of Hammond's but the nephew of the legendary Beres Hammond is clearly a very gifted and talented vocalist and his new album figures to be, for fans of his, and extremely big deal. Also, I'd suggest this (and anything else you'll find his name attached to) to more fans of traditional R&B and maybe even Gospel crowds as well. Look for "Raw Soul" to be one of the commercial 'sleepers' of the year - I expect it to do very well (especially in Canada).

CD + Digital

"Crusader For Life" by Errol Bonnick [Stingray Records/Zojak Worldwide]

'Crusader For Life' w/Luciano

Who even knew that this was going on? Huge voiced former lead singer of the famed Live Wyya Band, Errol Bonnick, has linked up with big and bad UK label Stingray Records for his own debut album, "Crusader For Life" and, once again, it’s going to make a lot of people happy who aren’t more typical fans of Reggae. Bonnick's voice is just incredible (I hate that word) and bathing in Stingray riddims, you cannot go wrong here - You, fans of Lover's Rock (biggup Fury!) and even heavier roots. Reggae legend, Luciano, joins in the well spun title track as well.


"Counter Attack" by Dub Vision [Big Cup/Zojak Worldwide]

I don't know who Dub Vision is (although I'd bet anything against nothing that they're from California), I should probably do some research on it, but I don’t really feel like it! Why do I mention them? They have a brand new album, "Counter Attack", it has eleven different songs with a healthy variety of vocalists. There's Don Carlos, Wadi Gad and . . . ? Achis Reggae favourite MALIKA MADREMANA with a new tune 'Children of Israel'. That’s enough for me to take an interest and surely for you as well so check it out.


Blaze Fia Riddim [Dutty Rock Productions]

Blaze Fia Riddim Mix

Now take this album to a major! Dancehall superstar, Sean Paul, tried his hand at production earlier this year and caught absolute FLAMES, in my opinion, with the STERLING Blaze Fia Riddim. Say what you will about the riddim, about what it did or didn't do, but the riddim, itself, is GORGEOUS! It also has that kind of 'give' to it which marked some of the old 2 Hard creations over which SP shined in his earlier years. Joining Paul on the riddim is a ridiculous roster of vocalists which includes Bounty Killer, Chino (MAD!), Ce'Cile, Busy Signal, Assassin, Beenie Man, Ele, Tarrus Riley, Spice ("when ya si mi bway, gimme all yuh got. A yu seh you ready fi mi, so tek it pon di spot. BEAT UP MI BODY LAK MORTAL KOMBAT!") Ward 21, Mr. Vegas and even some of the old DJ’s from the Dutty Cup Crew, Mr. Chicken & Loogaman. Sean Paul may've just scored Dancehall riddim album of the year with this one.

[Note: If this wasn’t the time to resurrect Riddim Driven, then when?]
[Note 2: Doing 2 reviews, this might be the second one]

Island Traffic Entertainment [Island Traffic Entertainment/Zojak Worldwide]

I have not the slightest of ideas how Terror Kid managed to upset everyone and everything and take the crown at Spice Mas Soca Monarch last month, but he did and big him up (Lava Man took the Road). Meanwhile, Grenada’s most well known label was busy doing big things for themselves (and hopefully the whole of Grenada Soca music) by linking with the greatest to ever do it, Zojak Worldwide, for their digital distribution. The union immediately produced three sets - Albums for the Knock Ah Bout, Da People and Heineken Riddims, respectively. The first of the three is a Jab from the kings of the ring (!) , while Da People is a very cool and groovy set (which could have used a bit of Nnika Francis to my opinion) and the last is a very familiar and infectious vibes from Island Traffic. Tallpree, Soca Banton, Zee1 and CUTIE Sharrie Jones highlight the sets and hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship (and someone can pry open Grenada Soca to the rest of the world).

Digital -Digital- Digital

The Dark Lake Riddim [Machete Records]

Resident Evil heads to the Dancehall courtesy of Machete Records' releasing a HEAVY riddim from a few years back, the Dark Lake. Hardcore authentic Dancehall is still at a premium (obviously if I'm mentioning this one), but at the same time, it's just so nice when someone gets it RIGHT and with GOOD performances from Kartel, Assassin, Beenie Man, Ele, Junior Reid and a few others means "RIGHT".


'Right Ting' by The Lambsbread [Rumble Rock Recordz]

We head back to Hawaii for a new single from the esteemed neighbours of J Boog, The Lambsbread, 'Right Ting' courtesy of Rumble Rock Recordz (check out the Step By Step Riddim, in stores now). I've always meant to go and have a deeper listen to The Lambsbread vibes, they're always so well spoken of by their fans and even though this tune seems to incorporate a bit more in the way of more eclectic and 'further reaching' vibes.


"What About Love” by Sara Lugo [Soulfire Artists/Oneness Records]

You haven't heard about Sara Lugo???

New album - "What About Love", one of the best of the year, in stores now.

CD + Digital

"Something In The Music" by Jalena [Jalena]

What? Did you just say 'who is Jalena'?

COOL and CRAZY Soca coming straight from the BVI's finest Soca export - new album "Something In The Music" also in stores now - Go get it!

CD + Digital

'Breaking Away' by Destra (single) [Krazy Muzic Records]

And finally, while Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann and co. continue to seemingly say "what in the hell is an iTunes", their peers are steadily busy building a digital catalog. Not many are more active than the keeper of all things wonderful, Destra who takes one of her latest singles through the most convenient of mediums. 'Breaking Away', like 'Beautiful Day' before it, is a electronically charged tune clearly aimed at more international audiences. I don’t care who likes it. It’s Destra, I love it, have a nice day! Breaking away! NICE PICTURE! DAMN!



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