Thursday, October 20, 2011

Video Drop #24

It's definitely been a long time from last we do this feature, so we're well behind. Let's see what's going on this week with three BIG videos from out of the VI.

'Mongst I & I' by Midnite [Directed by Aqua Media]

First up this week is REALLY big deal and one which we'll not only talk about again in a few days when we do the singles/EP feature, but one which we'll also discuss a couple of weeks when "Kings Bell" drops. Here we have the first single from that forthcoming album (November 1), 'Mongst I & I' from the incomparable Vaughn Benjamin & Midnite. Before you even into the business of what you SEE, it's also a matter of what you know because this video is actually the FIRST from Midnite's illustrious career to date which is damn remarkable following enough tunes to fill up several million albums (or however many they have now!). Next is the matter of the actual tune. I've been listening to this song for quite some time (even before our last big break) (biggup Zojak) and when I initially heard it, while I was well impressed, I wasn't as impressed as I am now - This is a BIG tune! [TEARS!] The actual visuals are what you expect - It is a BEAUTIFUL video for the equally stunning tune. What is most striking about the video, at least for me, is how it accentuates the community aspect of the song ("just keep good relations"). Following the cuts of so many troublesome historical events and figures - the 'source' of video shifts to FAMILY. Shot between Kingston and St. Croix, it really gives a healthy look at family and friends and really, by its end what I can most say about the video for 'Mongst I & I' is that it MAKES ME SMILE! Don't wait for me to tell you, go and get the single which is available now (did I biggup Zojak yet???) and keep an eye out for the forthcoming album. Also notice the few cameo appearances, including I-Octane and -

Video Rated: 4.5/5
Video - Song Link: 5/5

'No Guts, No Glory' by NiyoRah [Directed by Digitak Films]

Keeping a very steady and CURRENT link is the SUPREMELY talented NiyoRah who gives us a taste of his most recent release, the still MIGHTY "Feel Your Presence" (rest assured, if I write ANYTHING on this blog next year, it will be a Modern Classic feature for that album) in the form of its new single, 'No Guts, No Glory' which was also shot in Kingston. I'm going to call it a coincidence that he chose to draw on this one as the next track, because I have been listening to it quite a bit as of late and the video . . . Yeah. It's a HUGE video (and looking at my list for what's coming next, decent although they all are, it's probably the best video on this post). The video has a running scenario with Niyo 'rescuing' a group of different people in dire circumstances and leading them to a better place (literally). I don't know that you can make the audio-visual relationship a greater one and with the exception of some strange Soca tune that we may've included or Stevy Mahy's self-fulfilling 'Beautiful', I don't know that we've ever had a song do that. This is one of the best videos that I've seen this year and in a LONG time, without question.

Video Rated: 5/5
Video - Song Link: 9/5

'All I Want' by Pressure Busspipe [Directed by R. Cash & P. Stewart]

And completely the VI Reggae trio this week is the always welcomed Pressure Busspipe who is going in a bit of a different direction that Midnite and his Star Lion Family brother, NiyoRah on the romantic and easy, 'All I Want'. The tune was Pressure's cut of the Bird's Eye Riddim from Cyclone Entertainment from out of The Bahamas (available right now) (Nature, Jah Bami, Monty G and the lovely human being next on this list, all on the riddim). This video isn't really anything spectacular in terms of what happens, but what it does have going for it is the presence of several EXTREMELY attractive women, certainly not the least of whom is Pressure's gorgeous co-star. It's all very clean, even in the club, and while the scenery or the colours aren't SO distinguished, what is highlighted here is the closeness of and the developing of a seemingly rather strong relationship.

Video Rated: 3.25/5
Video - Song Link: 4.5/5

'When You're Gone'/'Missing You' by Ce'Cile [Directed by Ras Tingle]

If beauty was the highlight of the previous entrant this week (and it was), it REIGNS SUPREME on this double dose of Dancehall's, Bad Gyal Ce'Cile, 'When You're Gone' & 'Missing You'. The first tune dominates the first half of the video which finds our the artist lamenting that her man has to leave. Meanwhile, we're lamenting that he won't hurry up as she looks fantastic singing and laying on the bed and would look even better doing so away from his presence. GONE - She then, in the video's most stirring moment, takes off her own shirt to . . . remember him better (?) - I don't care, she looks damn good doing it and a little better sitting on the couch. Go and get her new album, "Jamaicanization" and blah blah blah - Ce'Cile is one SEXY human being.

Video Rated: Who cares?
Video - Song(s) Link: 4.75/5

'The Road' by Gappy Ranks

I think it's a pretty odd choice: Gappy Ranks and co.'s selection of 'The Road' to be the next tune pushed from his big 2011, "Thanks & Praise". But when you see how the clip turns out, it definitely makes more sense. Gappy is currently one of the most in-demand and busy (biggup Busy Signal) artists in the genre and the video is really just kind of a documentary-style following of him through some of his stops along the way. We see him performing and backstage and on the tour bus and having a good time and it's exactly what the title of the song indicates: Gappy Ranks on the road. HOWEVER (!), surely the most interesting aspects of the video for this tune are the cameos. We see Tippa Irie, we see Stephen Marley, there's Romain Virgo and a few other people who I should probably recognize but don't - OH! And also mixed into clips is Achis Reggae/Earth Favourite SARA LUGO! WHAT! Big clip.

Video Rated: 4/5
Video - Song Link: 5/5

'Soca Riot' by Sir Lancealot

Finally this week is a bit of a bonus as SHOCKINGLY shooting a video for one of the best breakout tunes of Carnival (anywhere) 2k11 is the POWDERY Sir Lancealot from of St. Lucia with the DEVASTATING, 'Soca Riot'. I saw that such a thing existed and I was just happy. I don't care if it's any good or not - The song is FUCKED UP! It's madness and it's a beautiful thing!

Video Rated: Water!
Video - Song Link: Powder!

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