Thursday, December 8, 2011

Check It Vol. 33

Destra 2012 [Krazi Music Records]

'The Baddist' w/Kerwin Du Bois

First up we have the most outstanding and wonderfulest Ms. Destra Garcia who is getting a jump on the business side of Carnival 2012 by releasing a couple of her early shots from the season on the digital platform, 'Keep On Wukkin' & 'Baddist'. The former is an infectious Poppish type of set which, hopefully, is going to go to show a great deal of diversity from the Soca star this coming season. The latter features veteran Kerwin Du Bois alongside Destra and is just a big tune in any way you look at it. Of course, we always love Destra around here and definitely looking forward to what she brings next year.


'Make Yuh Rock' by Machel Montano (SINGLE) [Ruf Rex Records]

Much like Destra, Soca supernova Machel Montano has also fell in love with the digital medium and he's also bringing a bit of his plans for next year to that side with 'Make Yuh Rock'. I've already heard quite a few big tunes from Montano (well loving 'Mr. Fete' right now) and while I didn't originally count 'Make Yuh Rock' as one of the biggest, it's definitely grown on me over the past week or two. Machel's contributions are always top notch and, again, well looking forward to what he has in store.


'Carnival Is Here' by Michelle X (SINGLE) [Michelle X]

And finally on the Soca side (unless we find something else to put in here) (and even if we did, I'd just put it before this one anyway) - Also catching on to the digital trend is one of the big breakouts for me in 2011, Michelle X[avier] whose 'Fetting For Days' STILL causes a major damage on my players. She's wasting no time for 2k12 and getting started with the cool 'Carnival Is Here'. Surely she should probably go back and do the same thing with her tune from last year, but this is a good start. It's also a good start to her season - a solid and infectious Groovy tune.


The Icycle Riddim [ Aleada Records]

Icycle Riddim Mix

Next in is the KNOCKING Icycle Riddim from Aleada Records. LOVE the strength on this one and how well it translates to big performances from more than a few artists (some of whom, seemingly, even overachieve on the riddim, in my opinion). This one, for the most part, just breeds GRIMY deejaying and highlighting the piece are the likes of Ward 21 (duh), a SCALDING Esco, Fyakin, Erup, Rholin X and even Wayne Marshall does a good job. Check it out.


The Monstar Riddim [Watch Da Hype Recordings]

The Monstar Riddim comes via Watch Da Hype Recordings and with its name and with the name of its creators, it probably sounds exactly how you might've imagined that it would. The somewhat slightly Soca-ish and very colourful set (biggup Mongstar) is pretty nice to my ears and even nicer is the fact that it contains a new tune from the always wlecomed, well known these days, yet somewhat elusive (and WICKED) Magazeen. Also on board are Chevaughn, Nefatari and others.


'Meant To Be' featuring Lia Live by Leylani (SINGLE) [Leylani Music/Island Def Jam]

I don't know much about Leylani at all, but one of our more eccentric readers (Hey Nat!) mentioned this one to us a little while ago and here it is! Apparently Leylani is from the Reggae hotbed of Hawaii and we can always use another big name from out of Hawaii and she's making her case for the next starring position with the GORGEOUS lover's piece, 'Meant To Be'. The tune also features Lia Live, another name to keep an eye on as well.

{Note: DAMN Laylani!}

'Bounce' by Busy Signal (SINGLE) [Equiknoxx Music]

Dancehall space traveler, Busy Signal, is back again this week with 'Bounce' which features him going all Jim Screechie on the people via Equiknoxx. It's usual crazy talented Busy, going in crazy directions for one crazy . . . mess of brilliance.


"24 Hours: One Team. One Target" [Toussaint]

Finally this week is a bit of a bonus. "24 Hours: One Team. One Target" is apparentlly a documentary about auto-racing and they made a soundtrack to the movie - okay. The music here seems to be . . . Well I don't know what to call it. "Mood music"? I'm sure there's a name for this very odd genre and I'm just as sure that if I started to listen to it, I'd probably like some of it. What is also clear is that buried at the end of fourteen tracks on this album is a song called 'Night Race' (biggup Bredz for finding this in a very very cool way) (and big him up anyway) by a young singer from out of Germany by the name of . . . SARA LUGO! And suddenly, you're interested.

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