Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coming Soon: The Jump For Joy Riddim

The Jump For Joy Riddim [Splatter House Records]

1. 'Today' by Notch
2. 'Jump For Joy' featuring Sizzla Kalonji by Jahman
3. 'Rasta Won't Fail' by Lutan Fyah
4. 'When A Door Is Close' by Pressure
5. 'Smile' by Maurice
6. 'Can't Get Over Me' by Junior Reid
7. 'Bunch Of Gold' by Revalation
8. 'Be Free' by Reemah
9. 'Bending Knees' by Mada Nile
10. 'Win' by Ras Batch
11. 'How You Doing' by Junior P
12. 'Love Ah Come Down' by Cruz Rock
13. 'Long Long Road' by Army
14. 'Gathering Of Lion' by Danny I
15. 'Thank You' by Ritical

Something big that we are definitely looking forward to is set to arrive in stores in less than a week now as Splatter House Records delivers the potentially potent Jump For Joy Riddim. Typically, anytime that you hear something from SHR it is an album from Virgin Islands veteran, Jahman and while this, obviously, is a changeup for the label, Jahman is well involved. In fact, his contribution is the title track which initially caught my attention in regards to this set as the tune, which features the incomparable Sizzla Kalonji, also appeared on Jahman's most recent LP [I THINK], "Diamonds & Pearls" from 2012.
"Diamonds & Pearls" by Jahman [2012]
This track is absolutely glowing and, fortunately, Jahman didn't keep it to himself and, instead, has spread it amongst a very interesting and colourful crop of vocalists. Such as? Pressure Busspipe (who also appeared on "Diamonds & Pearls" - on what was its biggest tunes in my opinion, 'Gangsta City') brings forth a tune on the Jump For Joy, 'When A Door Close', which sounds excellent and I'm really looking forward to hearing in full. The same is to be said for Lutan Fyah with 'Rasta Won't Fail' and especially Notch's 'Today'. Also turning in sure big tunes on the riddim are the likes of Ras Batch, Danny I, Army, Junyah P (who has been renamed from Junior P) and more still! Such as?! Revalation has a tune on this track! And the women are well represented, as they usually are on VI Reggae as Mada Nile makes a contribution with 'Bending Knees' and we continue our fascination with the outrageously gifted Reemah who tells all to 'Be Free' on the JFJ Riddim.
You won't have to wait long for this one. The Jump For Joy Riddim from Splatter House Records is set to arrive in digital stores Tuesday, June 24.

[Note: Nice cover!]

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