Sunday, July 13, 2014

Coming Soon: "Salam" by Ras Muhamad!

"Salam" by Ras Muhamad [Oneness Records]
1. 'Salam'
2. 'Good Over Evil'
3. 'Re-Education' featuring Kabaka Pyramid
4. 'Jah T Interlude'
5. 'Satu Rasa'
6. 'Nuh Badmind Friend'
7. 'Farmerman' featuring Naptali
8. 'Lion Roar'
9. 'Leluhur' featruing Kunokini
10. 'Learn To Grow' featuring Sara Lugo
11. 'Conquest'
12. 'Barriers & Borders' featuring Uwe Kaa
13. 'So Tired'
14. 'All Over The World' featuring Mighty Che
15. 'Blow Them Away'
16. 'Through The Smoke'

And because Reggae music continues to… basically read my mind in 2014, something potentially HUGE is on the horizon as an album that we've been waiting on for awhile is set to release just later this month. Indonesia's greatest Reggae export, Ras Muhamad teams up with the always reliable and the absolutely FLAMING Oneness Records for his brand new and eagerly anticipated album, "Salam". The project continues a downright torrential stretch from the label this year and does it with, arguably, one of the hottest artists in the entire genre, from anywhere, as over the course of the past two or three years, very few vocalists have consistently been turning out the quality of Ras Muhamad and it should translate into a fantastic album. 

Aside from learning that the album was forthcoming, of course I was most interested in seeing the tracklist of "Salam" and seeing the mix of tunes. I've heard Muhamad sing in both English and his native Indonesian tongues and although it appears that he continues that mix into the album (which is exactly what he should do in my opinion), for the most part is in an English speaking album. I also wanted to see which familiar tracks they chose to include and, there, they did well as songs fans may recognize such as 'Blow Them Away', 'Farmerman', 'Barriers & Borders' and, most recently, the outstanding 'Lion Roar' are carried here. And certainly you want to know with which big names Ras Muhamad would be linking and with names such as Kabaka Pyramid, Naptali, Uwe Kaa and others, I'm very impressed. Curiously enough, however, track #10, 'Learn To Grow' features an artist that our readers may or may not be familiar with by the name of SARA LUGO [WHAT!] [DAMN!] [BOOM!] and I cannot wait to hear the full release (and the clips sound excellent). 

The bad news is that we do have to wait, but the good news is that it won't be a very long wait at all as "Salam" by Ras Muhamad, courtesy of Oneness Records is set to reach stores in about a week and half and will be available everywhere on July 25.

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  1. hello world!!! I' from indonesian,i love Reage and i love Ras Muhammad :)