Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coming Soon From General Jah Mikey!

"Jah Mission Is Timeless" by General Jah Mikey [I-Grow Records]
With Etana set to blaze things with her senior set, "I Rise", October figures to be a fine one for Reggae fans (like pretty much every month this year has been as well) and it has just gotten a little sweeter as also set to arrive is a brand new album courtesy of long time veteran, General Jah Mikey, "Jah Mission Is Timeless". It was just last year when GJM linked with the flaming Zion High Productions and the Zion I Kings for his first album in… a really long time, the downright delectable "Original Yard Food" ["Sometimes thing set a way. Can't forget how to pray"]. That set apparently caught more attention than mine and yours because "Jah Mission Is Timeless" comes via I-Grow Records from out of France (I think). 
"Original Yard Food" [2013]
"Jah Mission Is Timeless" is actually a mix of vocals and dubs and instrumentals, featuring six different tracks , with musical mixes of each (similar, somewhat, to what Jah Solid Rock does). I'm always interested in albums like this one which follow more big named and successful material and I hope this album really does well with returning newer fans who were introduced to the artist via the very popular and well-received "Original Yard Food", just a year and a half ago. 

Will the new album prove to be a good follow-up and please the crowd returning for a second serving of General Jah Mikey? I'm sure that it will, but find out officially when "Jah Mission Is Timeless" from I-Grow Records arrives in stores, physical and digital, on October 1st

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