Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Elastik Riddim!

The Elastik Riddim [Purple Skunkz Entertainment]
1. 'Mind Dutty' [Explicit] by Vybz Kartel
2. 'Mind Dutty' by Vybz Kartel
3. 'Born Fi Dis' [Explicit] by Mavado
4. 'Born Fi Dis' by Mavado
5. 'Elastic' by I-Octane
6. 'Inna Yuh Belly' [Explicit] by Alkaline
7. 'Inna Yuh Belly' by Alkaline
8. 'Boom Body' by Gaza Slim
9. 'Jamaica Land We Love' by Vybz Kartel
10. 'Lock Down D Place' by Kabaka Pyramid
11. 'Nobody' [Explicit] by Gage
12. 'Nobody' by Gage
13. 'Try Diss' by Chilando
14. 'Cyaa Do We Nuttin' [Explicit] by Suku
15. 'Cyaa Do We Nuttin' by Suku

It took me longer than it should have to get around to this one but a huge amount of respect has to go to Purple Skunkz Entertainment who recently jumped in with the MASSIVE Elastik Riddim which [I THINK] comes to digital form via the magic workers at Zojak Worldwide. Surely I must lost in the moment but the Elastik Riddim may just be able to lay a claim -- as a composition -- to being one of the, if not THE best Dancehall track that I've heard in 2014. It is HEAVY and sounds like something from the vintage years of Ward 21. Speaking of the Ward, amongst the many vocal highlights featured on the Elastik Riddim is definitely 'Cyaa Do We Nuttin' from Suku, also check a double dosage of Vybz Kartel in a good form through 'Dutty Mind' and 'Jamaica Land We Love' as well as a dominant I-Octane who provides the Elastik Riddim with its title track which is probably one of his better efforts of the year. Still, clearly taking top honours here is the sitting Male Reggae Lyricist of The Year, Kabaka Pyramid with the stinging 'Lock Down D Place' which finds the chanter fed up and frustrated and PISSED OFF with the behaviour of nasty people in the world as well as that of some of his peers in the music (and if you need a proper example of what he's talking about, check some of the other tunes on this riddim) and lets go one of the mightiest lyrical displays that we've seen in 2014. 

"Mi go easy pon di first verse
Second a di weapon mi selectin pon di perverts
Weh tell di likkle girls words - weh inappropriate
Dem so young yet dem know fi sex
Listening with open minds and later on, dem open legs
Mussi all di ecstasy weh dem ah tek
And Hennessey weh dem ah sip
Di energy weh dem project - it devilish 
More time mi sit and reminisce - when Jamaica neva inna di precipice"

DAMN! And the entire song is on a similar level as the Pyramid continues a stretch of written wizardry the likes of which have rarely been seen. So definitely check out the new Elastik Riddim from Purple Skunkz Entertainment. One of the most exciting tracks of in recent times and one which fuels quite a few top notch performances. BOOM! 

{Note: It would have been nice if they could have given us an instrumental of the Elastik Riddim but...}

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