Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Kan Kan Riddim!

The Kan Kan Riddim [Fox Fuse]
1. 'Ola' by Olatunji
2. 'Out On De Road' by Darnella
3. 'The Best' by Sekon Sta
4. 'Her Love' by Flipo
5. 'Phenomenal' featuring H2O Phlo by Benjai
6. 'Don't Bother We' featuring Lead Pipe by King Bubba FM
7. Kan Kan Riddim [Instrumental]

Biggup Advokit Productions from out of Trinidad who recently linked with the wholly inescapable and probably magical people at Fox Fuse (our sources tell us they do have magical powers) to officially deliver their absolutely GOLDEN composition, the Kan Kan Riddim. As far as Groovy Soca goes, perhaps I'm just starving these days or maybe it just is that good but when my ears got a listen to the Kan Kan, I was hooked and, a month or so on now, I'm glad that it finally has manifested as a digital release. And though I may not be familiar with much of the work Advokit has done previously (I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head and, of course, I'm too lazy to look it up right now), they made a fan out of me with this turn. Highlights include virtually all of the six vocals and, definitely, the instrumental but I can single out 'Ola' and 'Out On De Road' (which should do some serious damage given the opportunity from Olatunji and Darnella Simmons, respectively. However, as I said, though you do have favourites, nothing on the Kan Kan Riddim is a miss to my ears and all of them are at least solid.

So, be sure to show some love and appreciation to your ears and check out the audio CANDY that is the Kan Kan Riddim by Advokit Productions via Fox Fuse which is in digital stores now... right now... go and check... told you! 

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