Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This song may just be an too much. It could have been of farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr less quality and still have been a great one. Achis Reggae and Milky Way favourites Jah9 [BOOM!] and Sara Lugo [DAMN!] team up for a very early contender for Song of The Year 2016 with the Oneness Records produced 'Rejoice'. Linking one of the sharpest pens and wits in all of Reggae music with... essentially an angel (I've spent most of my life learning a lot of big and beautiful words, and pick up a few new ones everyday, but I am struggling to find more ways to describe this woman's voice and music) was an absolute stroke of genius.

Who cares what I think though? Hear for yourself when you pick up 'Rejoice' by Jah9 & Sara from Oneness Records - right now. BOOM!

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